Exquisite Corpse - Issue 3
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In Memoriam: Rudy Burkhardt


Special Valentines Day Debauch


Dan Schmalz
Andrew L. Wilson
Edward Field
Larry Sawyer
Robert Viscusi
W. J. Sundermeyer
Denise Noe
Jon Mackey
Jenni Olin

Sharon Mesmer

Pat Nolan
Dave Brinks
Simon Pettet
Maggie Dubris
Mónica Nepote, translated by Jen Hofer
Jenni Olin

Ronnie Burk
Gwen Albert
Jorge Aguilar Mora
Dennis Formento
Claudia Grinnell
Dave Brinks and Andrei Codrescu
Daniel Kane
David Hickman
Marin Sorescu, Mihai Ursachi, and Virgil Mihaiu
Ray DiPalma
Richard Fein
Bruce Farnsworth
Amalio Madueno
William Fairbrother
Mike Topp
Jay D. Mancini
Patrick Pritchett
Marc Swan
Karen Chase
Holly Pettit
Bryan Hunter
Charlie Vermont
Mircea Dinescu
Sam Abrams
Alistair McHarg
Andrew L. Wilson
Michael Rothenberg
Daphne Gottlieb
Mark Yakich


Katie Mills

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