Exquisite Corpse - Issue 3
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by Charlie Vermont


The irish tenor
 For R.C.

Held by a limb off a rocky crag
Over a tumultuous sea

For truth
   and love
  What place is this?
    It was once the most
     western point

      of the known world

duop redux

out  of the air and out ear into air
          I'm the Duke of Earl

             what a prodigious thought
              and stupid too
               and what's even better

            Nothing can stop the Duke of Earl

                    and sometimes for a moment
                      that's all it takes

something about long ago
  we come off the desert after
    seven years into a green wood
 then night
unexpected phosphores
illume multitudinously
in punctate
a dark
 we once were
   oh, gee!
     fire flies


Blue Light Special

the book (DSM III) says it was
 well systematized delusions

    ravens in concert
        cobalt blue
           true azure
              knife blue cutting the
                 sky and soul alike
           nobody believed then
            nobody believes now

             poets moving as clouds
              through colors
                 birds on the wing

                but it happened
                you know Shakespeare
                   in magic

                  and that's good
                               for me



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