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Out of the Balkan Locker Room
translations by Edward Field
  from CVREN BAN, Erotake Narodne Pesme,
                          collected by Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic,
                           edited by Blagoje Jastrebic,
                           Prosveta, Beograd, l979
  (with thanks to Zoran Vidinic)

Balkan Saying: Good Cock, Happy Home

Blacksmith hammering as if demented,
his wife at her spinning wheel contented.
Under the blacksmith's overalls
there springs a mighty cock and balls.

Harvest Time

With rain a-drizzle on the fields,
it's dry in the barn on the threshing floor
where Grandpa climbs on Granny Smith
and hopes to thresh her grain once more.

But much as grandpa flails his stick,
he's having trouble threshing gran.
Useless when the rod is limp
to try to separate the bran.


Asshole Buddy

Her cunt is like a bottle's neck
my prick is desperate to cork.
But her asshole doesn't like neglect,
so, buddy, will you aid my work
and put your lips and tongue on it?

Oh, oh, she farted, did she, up your nose,
and you're strangling in the stink of shit?
I know you're mad, but may I propose
you ream her asshole till I come,
then you'll have your turn at getting some.


Light the fire,
let's fuck Kate.
She's asking a ducat
for me and my mate.
Pay her a ducat
for the use of her cunt.
Let's fuck it and suck it
until it's sore,
then give her another
and fuck some more.
Give her two,
and she'll fuck you.
Give her three,
and she'll fuck me.
Four, five, six,
six, seven, eight,
count your ducats
and go see Kate.


Village Stud

At the harvest dance in the village square
the coat one youth had the nerve to wear
was short enough to show his ass.
Tight pants, defining curve and crevasse,
outlined for the world to see
his dick dangling to the knee.

Such revealing fashion woke
lively disputes among the folk.
Concerned to keep their women blameless,
the male consensus on the coat
was cut it longer, and cut the shameless
dangle shorter, went their vote.

The women had a different view:
It's not his buns are tempting us,
so cut the coat as long as you
feel it proper and virtuous.
But as for his willie, the women said,
we'd rather you cut off your own instead.


Dead Dick

That girl with such shameless eyes,
wouldn't you think I'd go for her?
Many as bold I've already kissed,
but I'm beyond desire.

The girl with the ivory face,
wouldn't you think I'd go for her?
Many as cool as that I've loved,
but I'm beyond desire.

This girl has the palest of necks.
Wouldn't you think I'd go for her?
But many as pale my lips have grazed,
and still I'm beyond desire.

The girl has such firm, round breasts,
wouldn't you think I'd go for her?
Many as full I've tickled and squeezed,
but I'm beyond desire.

Another girl has the whitest belly,
wouldn't you think I'd go for her?
So many like that I've diddled before,
but I'm beyond desire.

A girl with such long smooth legs,
wouldn't you think I'd go for her?
Many like that I've lifted and spread,
but I'm beyond desire.

And this one has the darkest, bushiest slit.
Wouldn't you think I'd go for it?
Many as juicy I've already screwed,
but I'm beyond desire --
so many, that I'm beyond desire.



Twice I came and could come no more,
related a lady's visitor,
when I overheard an argument
between her Asshole and her Cunt.
Cunt cried, Why must your farts begin
the minute he sticks his pecker in?

The Round One said shyly to the Slit:
It's bad behavior, I admit,
but during the thrusting of his pole,
his balls keep tickling my hole,
leaving me desperately hot.
Couldn't you share the honey pot?

Pursing her lips, the Cunt said, Who
would be so daft as to dive into you,
Dry Hole, and skip my juicy crack.
But if I switch to you those men
who might want to try the door in back,
will you promise not to fart again?

Wait, O Wait, For Me

Maiden dear, O maiden,
with soft and rosy skin,
will you open up your nest
and let my birdie in?

Young man, young man,
wait, oh wait, for me.
By summer I'll be a woman
and lie with you under a tree.

Then you can lift my apron
and find my little nest
where your pretty bird can wing,
flutter a while, and rest.


The Dawning

An overworked whore called Mame
was one customer's favorite dame.
By the time of day's dawning,
she'd bounce on him, yawning,
and snore the minute he came.

Red Cock

O sweetheart,
O my pretties,
when I see
your swaying titties,
my underwear
starts trembling
as my cock
begins unbending,
starts rising
and extending.

O sweetheart,
O my pretties,
while I pet
your swaying titties,
take my aching
cock in hand,
if you want it
to continue to
expand, expand, expand...


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