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The Hand That's Free to Dream
by Daniel Kane



The hand that's free to dream
turns to Alan Alda's laughable mug
and traces in carbon

the giggles that arise like giggles
in response to this setup.  It's the hand's hope
to harvest laughter, and sell the whole bushel

to Andrew Wylie, ferocious "can-do" literary agent
nicknamed "The Jackal" by the British press.


"What does Alan Alda think about you doing this?" someone asked.  I called Alan for permission and he quoted world-famous poet Diane Ward; "Awhenever one whoever touches makes up dialogue in me."  I suggested we change that to the perhaps more marketable phrase "whoever touches me makes a dialogue of me," but Alan, busy following his father's role in The House of Exorcism starring Elke Sommer, Telly Savalas, and a large cast of Italian actors, had already hung up the phone.


The hand that refuses to dream
After a phone's categorical click, wavers
In the suddenly-bookish atmosphere.

A young woman appears wearing a pineapple-flavored
And licks the hand's palm.  "Oh, puh-leez!" the hand thinks,
        as it goes back

to dream of Alan Alda with the dark brown hair
and the glories that lie therein.



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