Exquisite Corpse - Issue 3
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No Hannumass No Christakah No Greeting
Sam Abrams


Fear grace, elegance, civilization, delicatesse

Whitman   By Blue Ontario's Shore

(the Maccabees were your typical
terrorists knee cappers ethnic cleansers
after they won i wouldve been
in the first  batch killed  and Judas for all
his supposed ulterior motives seems
righter than  Jesus
that time they came to Bethany
for dindin with Lazaurus  see
John 12)

those responsible for the fire
in worcester not
the homeless couple
squatting in the abandoned
warehouse those responsible
simply enough we
the homed the parkers

in covered garages with
sky ramp walks  to  our offices in

this country where
in this generation

millions of decent
working class
housing units
have been razed to
create parking space

in this country where
the square footage the
"living area"
of the average home

has more than doubled
in this generation

what are we to do then
in the age of competition

with those too stupid
or too crazed too
weak or weakened (still so
many Vietnam Vets)
too fucked up to

for all the hectic
assertions of entitlement

luck does
count but for the grace
of  some  force call
it god call it
luck there go
you there go i
not a few of the home
less worked hard for

what they got

the six dead worcester

part of the price
paid for
gourmet kitchen
for plenty
of  convenient parking
Cadavar Exquisito
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