Exquisite Corpse - Issue 3
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by Dennis Formento


snake & eggs
for Kathy Acker, r.i.p.

the walls of my house spoke
to me & said
"Law is the measure of insecurity.
Without law thou shalt surely break
thy neck"
chalk that one up to the dream of the philosopher kings
that I had last Thursday
Hammurabi took a minute out of his life
to write this notice for the protection of all beings:
"If rebels meet at a bar and the bartender doesn't
haul them off to the copshop
that bartender shall be slain"
snake in the heart
come from the head of Kathy Acker
her two hacked off breasts speak to me in dreams
& say
"Smart ass, you've made it.
Even radical mastectomy couldn't remove
the nightmares from my body
& the curdled dreams of
an Arab boy cooked in a spoon that became
my gift to the world
the furies that in
thy eyes provoke slaughter
vengeance is the mother's"


Gilgamesh in the Mountain

at the end of one night walking through the mountain
darkness before him, he could see naught or feel naught
at the end of two nights walking through the mountain
he felt caught
at the end of three nights walking through the mountain
he felt naught and caught
& even was in doubt
at the end of four nights walking through the mountain
after ten leagues of darkness
at the end of five nights walking through the mountain
a heart appeared at the top of a winding staircase
He pushed his way there through the flesh of the hill
The mountain spirit wrapped him 'round like a perfect lover
Gilgamesh walked
through the dark insides of the mountain
through the night locked inside the earth
trudged through mud
in search of the moon
"tho' I'm not much better than dead
let me see the light"
"Earthly greetings, fellow space case
you'll never find what you're looking for"
-- HP Hovercraft

phylogeny of the gods

one half of a human face
concurs with its other half
buoyed by voices from
the interior world
if god's mother
laid an egg
then god could be
a turtle
you can serve both god and mammal
if god is a mammal
then there you are:
three eagles:
& mind


Sun Ra surregional in myth
because he came to earth as something that didn't exist

Sun Ra surregional impostor
he knew he couldn't be what he really was


message from the sun man
to the earth man
      hey local
      --Sun Ra

God said, "I didn't have time
I put everyone else in control of the universe"


I'm as sober as a watch!
Man, sometimes the sound of bullshit is deafening!
I am one with it
I can do wonders with my skin
the galaxy known as Mrs. Claypool rotates softly inside her thumb
all of the lights inside my manly Smith Corona go out at once
may the creative powers of the universe go for broke
the sense of Galactic Flow in control of the universe

I believe in the yoni-lingam clutch
Living a life of quiet mania
Glass nipples!
streets I have ruled with a bicycle!
I'm the one from the sun!
I believe in the yoni-lingam clutch
the sense of Galactic Flow in control of the universe

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