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The Passion of Catullus
by Andrew L. Wilson


Caelius, Lesbia's not yours.  Not mine,either.
Right now she reeks of everyone's slobber.
The jism of Rome floods that delicate stem.
All roads lead to her deep throat --
You, me, anyone; them.

Lesbia's always harping on me.
Big time.  She won't let go of it.
She's always doing me dirt,
cramming people's ears full of lies.

Yet if she loves me not I'd be surprised.
Because -- to be fair -- I knock her down, too.
To anyone who'll still listen.
But I'm damned if I don't love her.  I do.

Get this one.  It's a screamer.
Biggest joke in the fucking world.
If you love me even a little, you'll roar.
So get ready to laugh --
laugh like a jackal, Cato.
Because, really, it's that good.

I surprised a guy giving his girl the prod.
In a wink, I rammed it home myself.
Not her, the young god!
Up the ass.  What a shock for him!
Damn! And he in his girlfriend's quim!

The sun's shining. Blazing!
O Lesbia, you're mine again.
Not my idea -- yours!
I'm the happiest fuck alive.
Isn't it great?  I love you.
Better yet, you love me.
What more could I ask for?

She says let's never have words again
like before.  We'll live and love --
that'll be enough to keep us in ecstasy.
Sweet gods, seal this promise.
Make sure she means it!
We've got to grow old together--
The best, now the worst is over!

Delphic Nursery Rhymes

Oedipus wanders, blinded, to Colonus.
He knows more than us.

If you want to learn it faster,
get it on with Jocasta.

Kill your father on the road
and the prince becomes a toad.

Plague on Thebes?  Put out your eyes
so you can't see to see the flies.

Creon condemned Antigone.
God and the State? That's bigamy.

The Sphinx has a riddle.  Better not guess.
"Qu'est-que tu a fait de ton jeaunesse?"


"Madame Bovary, c'est moi."

Gothic arches.
Green triangular lawns.
Pipe-smelling tweeds.
Offices with PC's.

That idiot of a Department Head.

("Why doesn't someone -- ")

"Pass the decanter."


To an Unhappy Woman

Go back to your husband.
I'm certain he knows how to comfort you.





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