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by Patrick Pritchett


Sacred Cow

(i.m. Mother Theresa)
      for Kass Fleisher
Haloes have a half-life.
The long term effects are still being studied.
Nevertheless, the city council has zoned them
for 'propaganda use' only.
The history of the proton turns out to have
a secret accomplice afterall:
the idea of saintliness.
Which might be translated as:
poor people are good
for the spiritual economy, too.
Our galaxy has a hundred million stars in it.
These are all good reasons to support NAFTA.
This is Toyko Monster Watch calling:
Ghidra and Mothra seen in your area!
Set phasers on 'pillow fight.'


Acausal Aphorisms


Objects often appear in the distance
as sentiments looking for affection.


The edge of the rose & the shadow of Mount Everest:
both good reasons for something.


A specific way of doing things is usually
connected to a very personal form of sadness.


I could understand myself better if I just had
one of those New York seconds.
But quantum mechanics was never my strong suit.


'Just you wait.'

But it was a TV voice.


My argument with John Keats
boils down to a few revisions.


Distortion is simply a fondness
for another world.



Poems at Non, edited by Laura Moriarty:

Book review of Lee Ann Brown's _Polyverse_ at Jacket: www.jacket.zip.com.au/jacket08/pritchett-rev-brown.html

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