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by Sparrow


In The Philosophy Lab

No one's living in Philosophy Lab anymore.

Zack left for Florida.

Only the azaleas grow up by the ceiling,
And a mouse sometimes runs the wide floor.

Philosophy Lab is unpeopled.

There are no more sleeping bags, and shoes.
No toothbrushes on the stone sinks!

Taught By Chairs

- What did chairs teach you?

"Chairs taught me how to sit."


My mailman is your attorney!
My maid is your professor!
My plumber is your interior designer!


Funny Poem



Last April

I hung 2
paper wreaths
on my wall

and the


On My Bus

A woman in a short skirt
smelling of corn

         8/2/99 8:48 AM

Mumia Paradox

People tell me, "He's guilty" because they read an op-ed piece in The Times.
But how can one person be guilty because someone else read an op-ed piece in The Times?


God ounces
God intellect
God rush

Vienna Toboggan

Take a Vienna toboggan
down Austergahn Strasse
up to the lip of the pond.


The First Game of the World Series

Skiing was forbidden.

Elves danced on the second baseline.


A Brief Discourse On Theology

Dear Mayor Rudolph Giuliani,

Who created elephant dung?
And who gave birth to God?
The Virgin Mary.

So go fuck yourself!

Yours truly,


William Carlos Williams was Lincolnesque.

T. S. Eliot was Woodrow Wilsonesque.

Lots Of Legwork

Lots of legwork, writing a novel.
You can't just sit in your kitchen.

Interviewing dead people,
writing down phone numbers,
birthdays, credit card numbers.

Detecting, sleuthing,
the death of a schoolteacher.

Clues, puzzles, panic,

A rope tied too tight around a wooden fence . . .

The Merchant Of Venice

I'm speaking to the gods:
"Destroy my TV!  Kill this set,
now!  I hate these shows --
the women, and the numb men.

Their hair, their lips,
their crap clothes.

Their eyeliner, mascara,
their money.

Smash the glass!
Bend the inner wires!"


Logic Of Fate

Mayor Giuliani,

The world has a logic.

If your cops
shoot enough (unarmed)
black men,

the KKK
will march
in Manhattan

the same way
if a band plays music
someone will dance.

Yours truly,



In layman's terms,
I am a poet.

Note: The technical word is "quevi-heavimentornectalist."

Brutal Pigs

The world is run by brutal pigs,
people who will cut down a forest to make 3 or $4 million.

And what good is 3 or $4 million?

All it can buy is a house,
and a little airplane.


Taco Light

Taco light, taco bright,
First taco I see tonight.

I wish I may,
I wish I might,
Have the sauce I wish tonight.



DAR* es Salaam

*Daughters of the American Revolution


Have you read my poems intact?
You must.

The excerpts of my poems
do not suffice.



Forbet agout it!


softskull.com click "books"
poetry.about.com search for "sparrow AND poet" (bad poetry seminar) home.dti.net/wingfat click "blakety blake"


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