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Andrei Codrescu, editor

EC Chair
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A Farewell Tribute to Doug Oliver

The irrepresible James Broughton: his last poem

Bernadette Mayer in casual grandeur!

Elinor Nauen cruising the Pink Highways!

Pat Nolan wrenches lyrics from wet redwood!

The Whirlygigs of Dave Brinks!

Mike Topp in Love!

McHarg introduces Corpse to Old Mr. Death!

Philip Good holds it steady!

More sexy dew from Janet Mason!

Jeri Cain Rossi picks them up & numbers them!

Dana Patillo at Columbine High!

Ronald Gibbs blasts white man on skaggy cooch!

Marck Beggs believes nostalgia should be punished by death!

Mel Kenne's Face of Everything!

Ruth Fankushen in the todtkunstkamera!

Gary Barwin takes on the Great Themes!

Stephan Kirbach in throes of Animated Friction!

Matthew Rogers is our Landscape Painter!

Youssef Alaoui en face avec les seins de Tara!

Nick Eliopolous begs to cun Gaia!

Ron Primack on the primacy of music!

Simona Sumanaru painting Eve in Paradise!

Bruce Taylor knows some Real Guys!

Greg Farnum's Laptop People are Angry!

Justine Medeiros in the honest dark!

William Levy makes Germans eat Kabbalah!

Tom Devaney prays for General Gridlock!

W.J. Sundermeyer hunts the Buddah!

Peter Stuhlman captures the Stale Buddha!

Corpse Cafe

Bring your words and your wit. The webmistress reserves the right to throw out all bores.
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David Graham photographs heart-breaking Americans at their delusional best!

Patti Carroll captures Americans in their vast glittery solitudes!

School for the Imagination


Lawrence Ferlinghetti on Poetry & Liberty

Eliot Weinberger on Current Academic Stupidity

Richard Collins new column on poetry, "Reading in the Raw," debuts here with "The Bourgeois Poets of LSU Press."

Pat Nolan's Alphabet of Thoughts

Alison Ross on Raw Emotion

Art Hilgart feels no pity for Microsoft

Danuta Borchardt on translating Gombrowicz

Hariette Surovell's Kaufmanology

Ludy Giebels on the Dutch poet Jacob Israel de Haan (1881-1924)

Jim McCrary reviews Ed Wood's "Death of a Transvestite."

Dana Cook's collage portrait of Tristan Tzara

Robert Elias reveals the hitherto unknown baseball career of Leon Trotsky

Mark Peters on Thongs!


David Fewster's spectacular excerpts from the Diary of Nanette Jenkins!

Teresa Bergen continues riding the Greyhound (official Corpse mode of transportation; note to the Greyhound company: give us a bus!)

Keith S. Moffat in another Greyhound story! (Note to Greyhound: give us a bus!)

Maura Devereux deep deep in love love!

Philip Martin gives birth to Billy Cyr, real American!

Vasilis Afxentiou sweeps through fiction with the "Tartar-Mongols"!

Jo Neace Krause on "The Last Game We Played"

Paul Takeuchi in "Going to the Dogs"

Greg Bottoms on Tough Love and the Nature of Guilt

Terry Bain turns Kafka's crank another notch

Darby McDevitt in a story of homeless abandon

Dennis Must spins a tale of Gothic Grief

Jason DeBoer in a morality tale with menstrual blood

There is no going back in Mary McCluskey's story

D.T. Harris reports from the Corporate Gut

Ilinka, Andrei and Calin Mihailescu Puns Upon a Time


Curtis White's dog-fucking saga continues

Mark Spitzer's defective islanders keep turning up raw chunks of human nature

Teresa Bergen's tale of SoCal Gothic rolls on with Growing Suspense

A new Serial! Keith Abbott's epic mystery of California!

Mauricio Montiel Figueiras descends deeper into the puzzle of now! In the author's Spanish and the English of Jan Hofer!

Andrew L. Wilson's "Clever" continues with "The Adoration of the Phalloi"

Julian Semilian's "Skeuromorph Detective" comes up against the limits of his vocabulary!

Shelley Berc's Girl Dante keeps tripping in Hell!


Our readers read & respond with occasional replies from the masthead!


Read Céline writing home as Benjamin Sutherland translates from the French!

Chortle at the whimsy of Simon Green re-rendering an anecdotal epistle of Céline!

See Céline go for verse as Mark Spitzer struts his stuff!

Mock Céline mocking modern authorship, in this historical short story, thanks to Simon Green!

Feel Fabrice Arfi's ballistic recapitulation of Céline unleashing his scorn!

Experience Simon Green's bombastic traduction of Céline appealing for Amnesty!

Guffaw at Donald Brewer's comic interpretation of a silly Céline idea for film!

Ravish Simon Green's exquisite translation of Céline's most rantful manifesto on the Commies!

Reject a crippled drama written by Céline ( Arnaud Hedin translates) when he used to be a playwright!

Yuck hysterical as the Devil meddles with missionaries in Stephanie Keho's vision of "Arletty," a film idea by Céline!

Devour Nathalie Potier's take on Céline explaining his stylistic violence!

Heed Constantin Rigas' Australianization of a Céline-attack on pompous Jean-Paul Sartre.

Behold Mark Spitzer and Simon Green shamelessly unveiling a never-before-translated novel!


Egypt Report of 1887 by Arthur Rimbaud, never before in English, translated by Mark Spitzer.

Never before published excerpts from Xaviera Hollander's new memoir

Slovenia: the State of Art & Politics by Alec Debeljac

Bahia, Brasil by Geoffrey Edmund Fox

Cochabamba, Bolivia by Bob Olsen

Mexico by Brian Kimberling

Dale Smith's peripathetic travels journal

Bolinas & Back by Pat Nolan

Chicago in the mode of Apollinaire by Greg Purcell

Hypertext, USA, by Dr. Menlo

Romania: Calin Mihailescu's "Ten Top Reasons for Being Romanian."

Vietnam revisited by Art Hilgart.

From the Balkans-- Ioana Avadani finds the well-loved ones.


John O'Keefe's splendid & vast drama "The Deatherians."

Aaron Petrovich's painful "session" in familiar voice

Broken News

Inivitation to Mike Topp's Party

Vatican Webcam

Marcia Kupfer's extraordinary "Meditations on the history of ART"

A remarkable interview with James Nolan in New Orleans

Special Law Enforcement Training Seminar, brought to our attention by Dr. Menlo

Lee Papa on his acquintance with a rapist

D.A. Blyler reports on a new idea of George Bush, Jr.

The Manifesto of Urban Surrealism -- Young Turks Take Portland.

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