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The Deatherians
by John O'Keefe
Sound of an EKG. going flatline. Morivia's Intro. Music.

Scene 1

(The lights slowly rise on MORIVIA Sowolicka.* She is beautiful in a deathly way; pale and gaunt. Her voice is low and smoky and brutal. She strips as she sings. She has an East European accent.)

Morivia Sowolicka

There are pleasures you can get with your money.
All of this money, it buys pleasure
and there is pleasure to be had in Amsterdam for money,
that's all you need, pretty money with flowers on it,
pretty girls in windows;
fat ones, white ones, yellow ones,
African's clicking their rings on the windows,
"You boy, come here."
There are bars in Amsterdam with only people on the menu,
banana bars where you eat bananas from a woman's vessel.
It doesn't cost a lot, but you need money for them to whip you,
money for their tongues.
How their eyes dart
as you pass their windows,
how their smiles flash,
how they sneer and suck their fingers,
"You boy, you boy, you boy, come here."
10 boys from Italy waiting for a Thai girl
to finish their brother.
As night grows darker
the streets swell with wandering men
and girls in the windows grow weary
and the money flows
in Amsterdam
in Amsterdam
the soft nightmare.  

Scene 2

(The lights cross fade to HESS KRATOR* and DERN VØRDIGGER.* They are sitting at a hash bar. Krator is taken with Morivia. He gazes at her fading image. They both speak with Dutch accents. In the land of Deatherians men wear make-up, just as women do. They are both cararying guns. Everybody in Amsterdam carries guns, they're like swords in the old days. Jerry*, a hunchback hustler, enters with a tray of joints.


Goddamn, stinking, dripping shit all over himself. It was disgusting. Beyond my professional powers. I hated him, Krator, even if he was insane. (To Jerry) Give me a joint.

(Jerry hands Vørdigger a joint and lights it as he speaks.)


(To Vørdigger)

You want another expresso, boss?


If I want one I'll let you know, you ugly little tick.


Sure, boss. (To Krator indicating Morivia) You like that woman, no? She a doll.


Get away from me.


Sure boss. You got tip.

(Krator tosses a coin on the tray.)


Go away.

(Jerry exits with tray.)


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