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From Michael Diamond

...the Vatican's new effort at reaching a broader audience via the Internet. Dubbed Vaticam, it will provide continuous-feed video coverage of His Holiness available 24/7 via the Web at www.Vaticam.org. JPII wishes in his final years to share all with his fellow inhabitants of the planet. Every moment brims with Divine Immanence, no matter how lowly or humble the activity. In the end we may even answer the ancient query,"Does the Pope shit in the woods?" Stay tuned.


From Mike Topp

Because you've all been so nice, I'm inviting all CyberCorpse readers and writers to a party at my apartment in NYC. Here are the directions:

Take the A train to the Classon-Cambridge Canal stop. Get out and switch platforms to the inbound train, which you will have to pay for. Leave station. Return to Wall Street area by car service

(718-764-0927). Take PATH train to Hoboken, transfer to Metro North and take 5:15 to Pasquanamac-Yytrrium Crossover. Return by rickshaw to 472 Central Park West, The Pollock, at Apartment 7RV2. Have one vodka

tonic, decline the second, excuse yourself and make your way as fast as you can to Columbus Circle. A little bag at the foot of the Columbus statue will have a small can of biodegradable, edible spray paint. When the diversion comes, paint eyeglasses on the cabbie horse known as "Tabatha." Run to the Columbus Circle station and buy a seat for two on the A train to West 4th. Tell anyone who looks at you that you

must have seats for two. Pay attention to your surroundings. Breathe deeply. Emerge from the West 4th Street station and think of oranges. Walk casually up to Ninth Street whistling the B section from the 1947 Parker tune "Night In Tunisia." Tell anyone who looks at you that you used to be a ballerina. Enter PATH station at Ninth Street and

take the seventh train leaving for Journal Square. I'm right off of Journal Square. Now get back on the train and go back to your apartment, where I will pick you up to take you on the Heritage Society Tour of Famous Old Storage Lockers In Brooklyn and thence to

points west.

See you!

Mike Topp



Email: mike_topp@hotmail.com

issues 5 & 6 home | ec chair | broken news | celine | critical urgencies | burning bush | ficciones
secret agents
| stage and screen | letters | gallery
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