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The Session
by Aaron Petrovich

     What we're after here is the truth of the situation.
     I've got it.
     I'm pleased to hear it.     
     In the palm of my hands.
     That's the wrong place for it.
     It's an expression.
     The expression doesn't suit the circumstance.
     The intention of the expression is to adapt to the circumstance.
     This is not a truth that you can hold in your hands.
     Is that a fact?
     Not the kind we're after.
     And what kind is that?
     The truth of the situation.
The situation.
the situation.
     This, then, is a sublime truth.
     Perhaps, even, an implicate truth?
     That's the spirit.
     Now I've got it.
     That a boy.
     On the tip of my tongue.
     That's the wrong place for it.
     On the edge of my seat?
     In anticipation of...what?
     What are you waiting for?
     Who said I'm waiting?
     You've just done.
     I said no such thing.
     You're on the edge of your seat.
     It's an expression.
     Even so, for what are you on the edge of your seat waiting?
     It's a moot point.
     I'd like to know. What are you waiting for?
     The truth?
     See, that's what I'm talking about.
     Are you?
     This is not a truth to wait for.
     You can't lie in waiting for this truth.
     It's won't come to you?
     Not this truth, Smith, not this kind of truth.
     I'd rather you didn't call me that.
     It's your name.
     I'm aware of that.
     I'm not to call you by name?
     You are also called Smith.
     I'm aware of that.
     I might take you for me. You might take me for you. I might look at you and think of myself. I might be talking to you when it turns out all the while that I've been talking to myself. I don't want it to come to that. I don't want to talk to myself. It's not sanitary.
     Have I ever taken you for someone else?
     I should rather you called me Detective.
     Have I ever taken you to be anything but what you now are?
     Call me Detective.
     It's not your name!
     I've earned it.
     I'm not denying it.
     It stands to reason.
     I, also, am called Detective.
     I never thought of that.
     We're straying, a bit, from the point.
     This will never do.
     The point, Smith, is the truth.
     I've lost my place.
     The point, Smith, is the truth behind the truth.
     I'm off track.
     You were waiting for the truth.
     Was I?
     On the edge of your seat.
     That's what I'm telling you.
     You can't wait for this kind of truth.
     This truth won't come to you.
     Except, perhaps, in a moment of inspiration?
     You'll want to reign this truth in.
     Hop in the saddle?
     Get in the driver's seat!
     Grab hold the horns?
     Now you've got it.
     I believe I do.
     Let's go through it again.
     Let's do that.
     What do we know?
     Yes, let's do that then.
     I'm asking you.
     What we know.
     You don't know?
     I'd like to hear it from you.
     That's very considerate.
     I respect your opinion.
     That's not necessary, but thank you.
     I understand that it isn't necessary, and I accept your gratitude.
     You, also, are entitled to your opinion.
     This is a kind thing for you to say. Shall we begin?
     Knowing I've your respect, I am, somehow, eager to begin.
     What, then, do we know?
     He's dead.
     Please be thorough. Who is dead?
     I will try to be more specific. The Mathematician.
     Thank you. And what is he missing?
     In his position, I would miss the way the light falls.
     Will you permit me to rephrase the question?
     You've not found my response to your liking?
     On the contrary, I have found your response touching, but had intended nonetheless to take our discussion in other directions.
     I am pleased that you have found my response touching, and will be happy to reconsider your question.
     This is very accommodating, and I will accept that my question was perhaps not direct.
     Not at all.
     Of what, to rephrase the question, has the Mathematician been robbed?
     Please be specific.
     Mortal doldrums.
     I was thinking of something internal.
     The everlasting flame?
     Something of his person.
     Do you believe in the existence of the soul?
     Something physical.
     It suddenly occurs to me where you're going with this.
     It will please me to hear it.
     The Mathematician, who is dead, has been robbed of his bodily organs.
     See, now, you don't have to say bodily there.
     There are organs of all kinds.
     Bodily is implicit.
     Churches have organs.
     I'm aware of that.
     It stands to reason.
     Let's move beyond the organs.
     It's an important point.
     I won't deny it.
     It's a savage gutting.
     That's a fact.
     Is it?
     Then we've reigned it in then.
     Like you said.
     What have we reigned in?
     The truth.
     No, we haven't.
     Regarding the organs.
     What about the organs?
     That they're missing.
     That is not a truth.
     They're not missing?
     It's a fact.
     I thought we've just said that they are missing.
     The fact that they are missing is a fact.
     Not a truth.
     Not the kind we're after.
     I understand. The truth we seek is not a fact.
     No. Yes. Never mind. Let's move on. What do we know?
     He's dead.
     With all due respect, I will remind you to be specific.
     The Mathematician is dead.
     What is he missing?
     In addition to the way the light falls, mortal doldrums, and the everlasting flame, he is missing his bodily organs. What?
     Never mind. What else?
     When we found him, they were kicking him.
     With all due respect.
     The lunatics were kicking him.
     You're quick to call them lunatics.
     We're in a nuthouse, aren't we?
     We're not qualified to say.
     That we're in a nuthouse?
     That they're insane.
     Then why are they here?
     Who brought them here?
     We did.
     Why did we bring them here?
     It was your idea.
     You'd like to blame this on me?
     That was not my intention.
     You'd like to lay the whole thing on me.
     I thought you'd know.
     Why we brought them here!
     I do know.
Because I am of a higher intelligence.
     I will concede your point.
     I'd like to take a moment to apologize.
     Tell it to the hand.
I can see I've allowed myself to get ahead of you.
     I can't keep pace.
     I'll summarize.
     It's enough to breathe.
     I'll try to be more sensitive.
     You're an example to me.
     I should not have taken it for granted.
     Not at all.
     Do you feel able to continue?
     I'd like to try.
     Chin up. You were wise to point out that it was I had sent them here. I sent them here, you understand, not because I thought they were insane, but to find out if they are insane.
     If, not because.
     They do seem a touch off the rocker.
     You've missed my point.
     Couple of yarns short of a sweater?
     We're not qualified to say.
     Grandma left the knitting at home?
     Listen to me. Are you a doctor?
     I've got a gut feeling.
     Have your feelings been accredited?
     By whom?
     By the Institution.
     The Institution?
     Have your feelings been accredited by the Institution?
     I can't say that they have.
     Do you have your certificates?
     I've got a gut feeling!
     Gentlemen. Please. Mind your tone.
     Can't you see we're trying to conduct an investigation?
     We're investigating here.
     Although our investigations do occasionally get out of hand, don't they Smith?
     In particular, when we do not think of the needs of others.
     No matter how ridiculous their needs may be, isn't that right. Smith?
     Gentlemen. Our residents are - delicately balanced.
     On the edge?
     It's not the expression I would use. The slightest elevation in tone could upset the - delicate - balance.
     Send'm over the edge?
     The metaphor is perhaps inappropriate. But I think you've understood my point.
     Have I?
     You see how difficult he can be.
     He keeps calling me Smith.
     You don't like to be called Smith?
     What is your name?

     Let's talk, for a moment, about Smith.
     The name or the person?
     You see how difficult he can be.
     Pardon me. This is my area, yes?
     I know a thing or two about--
     Do you have your certificates?
     Good. I'd like to focus, for a moment, on the name. Perhaps we can get to the person later.
     I'd like that.
     Wonderful. What is it, about Smith, that you don't like?
     He is also called Smith.
     That must be very confusing for you.
     I get confused sometimes. Sometimes, I get upset.
     You are being very honest. Do you have a sense as to why this upsets you?
     I'll never be a Smith like him.
     Now that's a fact.
     I don't find your commentary useful.
     I'm just saying--
     We're focusing, at present, on Smith.
     You're gonna let him call you that?
     He's trying to help.
     I'm beginning to feel quite at home here.
     Perhaps we can talk about that later. For now, I'd like to ask your partner, can he think of a name he'd like to be called?
     I'd like to be called Detective.
     That's a nice name.
     I like it.     
     The gentleman would like to be called Detective.
     I also am a detective.
     I'd like to focus on the matter at hand.
     I find the point relevant.
     Is it your intention to sabotage the session?
     The session?
     Because from my perspective, you are playing the role of the saboteur. Perhaps you can think about that as we close the matter at hand.
     I've got an investigation to run.
     Then it would be in your best interest to close the matter at hand.
     You're aware of that then?
     I've just said.
     Then will you agree to call him Detective?
     But he -
Answer the question.
     But I -
     It's in your best interest. Answer the question.
     If it pleases him.
     Will it please you?
     I'd like that.
     Ok. Then I think we've gone far enough for today.
     We'll need to get back to the investigation.
     I understand.
     Thank you, doctor.
     Please mind your tone.
     Now that's a doctor.
     Detective. Detective.
     Are you talking to me?
     I'm not talking to myself.
     I thought perhaps you were.
     I've been asked to call you Detective.
     You're calling me Detective?
     I've been asked to.
     It's awfully considerate.
     I apologize if I hurt your feelings.
     As long as we're understood.
     I was making a point.
     As long as we're understood.
     Shall we proceed?
     As long as we're understood.
     We were talking about your feelings.
     I appreciate that.
     You're gut feelings.
     Feels nice to get it off the chest.
     Your feelings which have not been accredited.
     By the institution.
     Are you with me?
     I was pointing out to you that you might have made a false assumption. About whether you are qualified to call a lunatic a lunatic. Is it possible, for example, that your assumption was false?
     It's not likely.
     Is it possible?
     Improbable at best.
     But possible.
     In the end.
     I will ask you to consider the realm of possibilities, in your responses.
     I will endeavor to do so.
     We cannot attain our truth with false assumptions.
     The Detective has recognized your point, and is prepared to continue. What?
     Never mind. Did we find on them any organs?
     On whom?
     The lunatics.
     They're lunatics now are they?
     For the sake of argument.
     If it pleases you.
     Did they have any organs?
     I should think they did.
     You didn't tell me.
     I thought you knew.
     Where are they?
     The organs! Where are the organs?
     I'm not a doctor.
     Permit me to rephrase.
     By all means.
     Did they have the Mathematician's organs?
     They did not.
     Have we recovered the Mathematician's organs?
     We have not.
     Is it possible that the motive for the Mathematician's murder was towards the unlawful possession of his viscera?
     It's possible.
     By one of our Organ Procurement Organizations?
     They might have eaten them.
     This is an interesting point you make.     
     We'll want to perform an autopsy.
     On who?
     The lunatics.
     They're not dead yet.
     When they're dead.
     Were you planning to kill them?
     The thought hadn't occurred to me.
     Then an autopsy is out of the question.
     I wouldn't be opposed to it.
     Killing them.
     This is not an option.
     If it were, I mean.
     It isn't.
     You can count on me.
     It won't be necessary.
     Even so.
     It's not necessary.
     Not necessary. But possible.
     I am beginning to feel quite at home here.
     It is comfortable.
     I think maybe I'll sit on this sofa here.
     You're not feeling well?
     I've lost the taste.
     You're not hungry?
     I'm out of the hunt.
     What hunt?
     Like you say. It's an expression.
     You don't want to investigate?
     I've lost the stomach.
     Is it my fault?
     It's not about you.
     Am I doing well?
     You're doing fine.
     Not well?
     I rather thought I was doing well.
     I think maybe I'll put my feet up.
     That would be nice.
     It's nice here.
     It is nice.
     Thank you for calling me that.
     Do you think maybe he'll medicate us?
     The Doctor.
     He's a nice man.
     Perhaps we'll ask him.
     You want I should fetch him?
     We'll ask him when he comes.
     If he comes.
     We'll just lie here, then.
     Let's do that.
     We'll ask him.
     Yes, let's do that then.     
     When he comes.

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