Exquisite Corpse - Issue 3
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by Robert Perchan


The pendulous, tantalizing heft of the ripe human female breast was not, we are informed today, designed to aid in the function of suckling our cantankerous, mewling, thirsty young but, according to certain Evolutionary Biologists, was in fact molded by a Blind Darwinian Artificer to mimic the fulsomeness of the human female buttocks.  This mutation transpired, we are told, because our grizzled male forebears needed a whopping good time each night after returning home to the cave from a hard day at the hunt club.  Such breasts were intended, in effect, to be fondled, nuzzled, and lavishly praised - as sexual organs, not nurturing ones.  To sprinkle a little spice of specificity on these conjectures, one ought not forget Pierre Batchef palpating the ample bazoombies of Simonne Mareuil in Bunuel's Chien Andalou until those luxurious nippled loaves morphed into the equally splendid globes of her callipygous derriere.
      And I've read on more than one occasion of late that the scarlet lips and rosy cheeks of a nubile young human female were in fact selected by some Inscrutable Algorithm of Eros to mimic her flushed, engorged pudenda, an ensorcelling spectacle which vanished from view four million years ago at that critical moment our ancestral hominid Eve first stood up on her hind legs, clamped her ass shut tight, and adopted a bipedal stance the better to pluck that glossy vermilion fruit beckoning from its high Miltonic bough.  If this be so, why then, I feel compelled to wonder this evening as I bask in the incarnadine overtures of a sun setting gloriously into the topiary shrubs down the street, don't women - at least across the admittedly limited spectrum of phenotypes I have had the temerity to approach - sport goatees on their chins?



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