Exquisite Corpse - Issue 3
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Critical Fragments
by Jorge Guitart


Implacable Think

Finality worsens the sculpture of experience. The avuncular circuit breakers spread primitive hardness. Utensils adjust to sinking. It is the simulacrum of the simulcast during emulsion rain. Sexual pressure connected to paragraphs. Beneath the goat is the ontology of the misdirection. I code the panic. The wardrobe is proportional to disappearance. The victim is particular in dispersion. The prompt is malicious. Hence the history of shatter, the loopy imprint, the brass tongue and the carbon knees.
Privilege does not freeze. Procedures implicate dripping across from incrimination. Childhood is speculative. Class is not detonating denotation.

Too Late the Servomotor

The athletic criterion in the comet hour-calm data, calm strata-and God, God's sketch of threats, among the retorts in the interment when burns lengthen. The only body fruit is abrupt-ethic apes, bunts satisfy us. It is the style horizon. We know the choosy holy craze and the debt to deception, the violet molar rehearsal, the messianic surface. Cohesive vomiting, segmented. Don't go too far with blood clouds. Ivory pockets in tears. I am the coming of the vowel countryside. The noise of trembling in hearsay charts, but not before the assonant tenant of my nose, stiff as a moth without impulses, cavernous by the gothic condenser, makes alloys of disaffection and book passion radiance. A nude leaks, flouts last lap in hush field. Climb inside or be a retinal dunce. I fled what felt sheathed, a flesh adapter. Catch the casual in bestial manuals, be a specimen for monachal mania, the specific terminal, a rush and a rabble siren. The ashes of toy resources arising from an urn to touch the erasure. There, in the storage of vectors.


*century vulva truck* literal church handcuff* ego defective gleam* congenital votive crack*
*moonbled corrosive stains* digital phallus smell* brown nativity veins * tobacco salon chard*
*decoded nude howl* ambulance donkey shot* music assault possession* morbid print dot*
*garden sphinx foothold* backward paradox pop* spleen weight slob* friction ambivalence trap*
*saffron winter smuck* sordid desire stray* mortal book duck* sucker chant grail*
*entelechy gland grunt* oyster reliance veil* cat combustion construct* abolished cycle slash*
*spore interior cusp* basic empirical crime * temporal bug stronghold* motion flesh saturation*
*metal prosaic staleness* trigger factoring nude* inward membrane cloud* epiphany addict ooze*
*hysterical ink cost* machine history cube* intestinal liquid truth* spherical panic plot*
*clerical limbo throat* surface semen fold* nuptial graft smoke* leninist crud catacomb*
*bracketed anus parallel* breaker faith bog* massacre laughter noise* feldspar nipples lore*
*life consternation chunks* dream masthead fracture* penal static ash* suture manila flop*
*anchored laxative mass* blob denotation cyst* chipped meningitis stink* dim insurrection drip*
*culture explosion knob* semantic engine stump* gauze perforation loop* fantasy clothing stroke*
*penised chair interstice* conical credo vale* filial squalor fall* distended stomach pose*
*crystal axiom caprice* plaster mutation shell* pleonasm palace tour* ethnic prosthetic rot*
*rhythmic hysteria crude* falsity foliage nose* concrete abrasion niche* phosphor malaise lunch*
*cathect constriction moth* equinox sequence slop* honky ventriloqual stone* workload misery coast*
*terminal goosing dock* syndical coral manure* subsidy god esteem* mobile cantina hoof*

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