Exquisite Corpse - Issue 3
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Allen Ginsberg Gave Great Head
by Ian Ayres


I long for his bearded vagina mouth
            his thick lips saving my cock from teeth
            his baldness bobbing for my balls
I long to grab him by the ears
            to pump his drool full of throbbing meat
            to bruise his tonsils swimming in semen
I long for his bony finger up my ass
            playing dirty doctor digging deep
            poking my prostate till my balls cling
I long, hard and long, for his genius head raised
            eyes wide on my cock in his jerking grip
            pleasure spasms shooting white with moans
I long to know the moment after when he'd bow his head
            "You okay, Allen?" I'd ask
                    wondering if he was crying or out of breath
                    at my knees at the foot of the bed
            "Don't move," he'd say
                    and five minutes of dripping silence would pass
                    before he used my knees to get off of his
I long for the warm moist washcloth he'd bring
            repeating, "don't move"
            gently cleaning me like a baby in a crib.


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