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The Mississippi Corpse - CyberCorpse 12

From: VALERY OISTEANU <zendadanyc@earthlink.net>

The hunters of the witches are organizing an expedition to get rid of all the tribes of invisible wizards, phantoms and ghosts. Behind thereon for the hunt there is a gold-rush for mysterious gold on the appearing & disappearing island. The spirits and the ghosts of those drowned by the river live trapped in a parallel world-LIXUS, from which there is no escape! In ancient times according to Pliny the Elder ("Inventorum Natura"—1st century AD) there was an island that disappeared off the north-west coast of Africa together with its inhabitants. The cursed island reappears periodically on Mississippi river! Otherwise it is invisible! On that island the legend says there was a famous grove that bore golden fruit and metallic hornets like insects devour that fruit and produce a substance similar to metallic molten-gold. Should one care to inspect the caves where the metallic bees are manufacturing gold they should wait till the sun goes down and the hornets go to sleep. But at night it is not very safe either. It is at midnight that the spirits and the river-ghosts take over the caves and the groves! Most of the ghosts are blacks and are the spirits ancestor-slaves originally from that island!

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