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Hot Sites
  • Sincere apologies to those of our unsuspecting readers who followed the recent Poetry Snark link from our website and were treated to a pile of talentless and offensive dribble. We'll screen link requests far more thoroughly from now on!
  • - Mississippi, the movie! Subject of one of our previous issues.
  • Fiction Warehouse has been around since 2001 and has published a number of award-winning writers. Recently, three stories were chosen as notables for the Million Writers Award. Jason Sanford of storySouth writes that Fiction Warehouse is "featuring some of the best short stories being published online." We urge you to read a few and decide for yourself.
  • International Journal of Baudrillard Studies
  • Anne Arden offers some heart-quickening visuals of serenity.
  • Facsimilation Magazine
  • Now in its second year of online publication, Tarpaulin Sky appears quarterly, offering highest quality poetry, prose, and trans-genre work from both emerging and well-known authors. The look of every issue is unique, styled after the work of a featured artist.
  • The New Orleans Bookfair is now up to 70 publishers. Verso, Autonomedia, CrimethInc., Black Swan, AK Press, Last Gasp, Fiction Collective II, Soft Skull, South End, are just some of the participationg publishers. Erin McKean, the American editor of the Oxford English Dictionary, is going to speak. Lots going on all weekend. It will be anarchy.

  • is not an exquisite corpse, it works hard to deliver images and texts that relate to the persistence of doubt.
  • Howling Dog Press defines the cutting edge of our literary culture.
  • Grand Street Magazine is back in production with a redesigned website and a biannual print schedule. The new site features material from their current print issue, 'Danger,' just out this month, as well as selections from the magazine's legendary archive and full tables of contents for each back issue.
  • Vestal Review is a professional magazine of flash fiction, in existence since March 2000.
  • Ravings: a micro-zine for cultural subversives.


  • Erik Kraft, one of the best novelists working today, has been serializing his novel Inflating the Dog on his wonderful site. You can now download the book.
  • features comic/disturbing collage-movies of evil clowns and naked ladies going up and down. Not recommended for people prone to bad dreams and brain seizures.
  • Behold "The Forbidden Translations of Jean Genet's Poetry," with foreword by Edmund White, now available worldwide, free of charge, and much to the chagrin of Genet's estate -- who has been foiling the publication of these translations for over a decade now.
  • includes a few of Gerald's more visual poems and a lot of his best illustrations.
  • American Samizdat, a group weblog featuring some of the best bloggers in the world and some norms from the L.A. Weekly and MOJO.
  • a totally mysterious site.
  • hilarious bovine Bildungsroman about a cartoon cow on the lam from a fetish farmer outstanding in his field.
  • This issue features: An interview with singer and new mom Ingrid Lucia, Musician Dave Easley, Photographer Dwight Marshall, Poet Dave Brinks, Painter Marc Marino's mural at LaFitte's in Exile, The story of Cuban refugee Gerardo Perez, Two photo-essays by Cheryl Gerber: Broad St. & Hispanic New Orleans, Southern Decadence, Ernie K-Doe's funeral procession, Flamenco in New Orleans.
  • This third installment is a special double issue with an international focus, featuring over fifty contributors of a diverse variety, avec sound.
  • SEPTEMBER 11, 2001-THE LANGUAGE OF WAR AND PEACE: Bill Berkson, Joanne Kyger, Josephine Clare, Dick Gallup, Anne Waldman, Michael McClure, Roxanne Poormon Gupta, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Duncan McNaughton, Tom Clark, Hammond Guthrie, Mike Topp, Steve Allen May, Sarah Menefee, Zoketsu Norman Fischer, Ira Cohen, Gabor Gyukics, Daniel Moore, Ammiel Alcalay, Steve Ben Israel, John Brandi, Jennifer Birkett, Hanon Reznikoff, Stefan Hyner, Mary Sands, Michael Castro, Rick London, William Slaughter, Renee Gregorio, RhondaK, Andrew Shelley, Miriam Sagan, Andrew Schelling, Michael Rothenberg.
  • a good site for you to go to when you eat breakfast.
  • These peop got a good thing going. They write a novel in a month--that month being November. Hundreds of em doing it now. Cruise the site.
  • images and poetry, no banners, no bios, no bullshit. You click on a link, you get visions and words working together.
  • if you want to find out more about Xaviera Hollander, the woman behind the myth. She is the author of the Happy Hooker and now her latest work, Child No More, reveals her most emotional and vulnerable side as well. She has also been a longtime sexual advice columnist for Penthouse Magazine with her column "Call me Madam." She lives in Amsterdam as well as in Marbella, Spain and has her own home theatre/restaurant with English-spoken plays she handpicks at the Edinburgh theater festival.
  • Located at, NewZoid continuously and automatically reports computer-generated headlines, allegedly from the parallel worlds theorized by quantum physics. The continually-changing, up-to-the-minute headlines resemble real ones and range from the entirely believable to the absurd, shocking and amusing.
  • Influenced by Breton's Manifestoes of Surrealism, Daniel Boyer employs drawings using the automatic method developed by surrealists in Bucharest, in which a dot is made at the site of impurities in a blank piece of paper, and lines are then drawn between the dots. Hard-to-read purple text on black background.
  • A hip, smart, (sexy?) sharp news-kinda-forum place to go: From Jo Cunt's prison-art, to the politics of Anarchy, to interviews with punks, to naked strippers dancing on the homepage, 3 a.m. will make you squint inward & reward your ennui-riddled pop culture machinery.
  • Those punk-ass kids have gone and gotten themselves a website. There's not much on it at the moment, but what is there is pretty good for a bunch of punk-assers. Keep watching this site.
  • Wanna see a whole bunch of dead animals introduced by some sort of inbred-backwoods hick? Go here.
  • This is some kind of a digital haiku game in which you can get radical writing haikus cyberly. Somehow.
  • Pig iron is like a good beer. It's just good, because it's full of good stuff. Don't ask why it's good, just drink it.
  • This place sells corpses. No relation to our Exquisiteness. Get a bloody, gory, gross, flesh-flapping cadaver of your own, like Female Vampire, complete with stake through heart. Yuck!
  • There's never anything Skanky in the Possum Pouch. See the Skanky Gang on-line.
  • The Great Hollywood Hangover appears to be a website that has a lot to do with music, culture & art of the Californy 60s, with all sorts of rock audio links and rare pictures of Jimi Hendrix sitting at the kitchen table, plus historical essays by Hammond Guthrie and sundry other hippies & yippies & their nitty gritty. Hollywood Hangover proclaims: "The worst thing about the 60s was the 70s."
  • This is the only official, legitimate, bona fide, USDA-choice Joe Brainard site sanctioned by the FDA, FBI, CIA and CEO of the Joe Brainard Liberation Front. See here everything all about Joe: his bio, his artwork, his writing and books and criticism, everything Joe Brainard!
  • -VeRT magazine, located at is completely on line, and has been so since 1998. -VeRT has published the following : John Ashbery, John Tranter, Kent Johnson, Eleni Sikelianos, Michael Rothenberg, Jack Kimball, Mark Ducharme, Jacques Debrot, et al. People who read -Vert score better in nonstandardized tests of wit and intellect than their patients who chew gum.
  • this be a MP3 poetry site with clips of verbosity from everyone from William Burroughs to Artaud and other foreign auteurs and poets to Rothenberg and Paul McCartney and yadda yadda. Download, whydontchya?
  • Home of Wassup Jesus (which is pretty damn funny), the Adventures of Jesus, Cartoons and Politically Incorrect Humor, and Other Retarded Stuff. Take the Retardometer challenge. This is a very retarded site, developed by a couple of tards who wish to remain totally retarded.
  • This here be the cream of small press webzine-ville, with poetry by ancient icon Ron Androla, Peter Magliocco, Michael Rothenberg, and photo-poet aphrhodite Lynne Douglass, et al. Art by Cheryl Townsend, Kurt Nimo and co. Go see.
  • The Freeze-Dried Museum of Kookology has opened these parody portals: | Schizophrenic Wing | Conspiracy Corridor | Hall of Hate | Library of Questionable Scholarship | Gallery of the Gods | Solution to the World Problem Exhibit - go there and see if you stay.
  •, the online magazine of god for the godless, is fearless where others are afraid; kosher where others are unclean; filthy where others are sanctimonious; holy where others are mundane.
  • See a Creeley/Clemente collaboration at 2River:

    A website dedicated to showcasing the best unsigned writing, music, photography and film talent. BT created the website to provide creative people with a platform and the tools required to develop their own material, allowing them to channel their creativity and reach an audience of thousands. The site supports an active community of up and downloaders with message boards, discussion groups and an interactive vote-based chart system. Support of the community has been provided on-site by top Industry names such as Ed McBain, Ian Rankin, Jenny Colgan, Goldie, Seb Fontaine, Ian Brown, MJ Cole, Richelle Rich, Christopher Ecclestone, Adrian Lester and Kevin Macdonald among others.

    "I think it should be accepted that some people enjoy the sublimation and exuberation of androgyne manganine—some people are born that way, or get that way from not playing enough sports. Me, I'm not fascinated so much as just interested. Sure, there are some days when I lie in bed thinking I was born 11 x 17 in an 8 _ x 11 world. Everybody gets to thinking that once in a while. I think it's probably normal. Isn't it?"

    Got cutting-edge media? Do ya? Slate's history--see this--it's gotta leftist bent.

    "Poems that cut your mouth open when you read them." Plus rad images, sometimes with the poems, sometimes on their own. Smart sharp stuff.

    visit the website of George Whitman, celebrated illegitimate grandson of Great Uncle Walt. Peruse the history and current events of Paris' #1 bohemian bookstore/literary institution, across the Seine from Notre Dame: historic Shakespeare and Company! See here also direct links to, the nouveau avantgarde lit journal of the Paris uber- and underground scene.

    Crazy-ass Dada collages, essays and comments on Futurism, Surrealist games, the works. Best of all, it still has custody of it's lovely, grotesque stepchildren, the Department of Objects and Delusions and the Surrealist Compliment Generator, which just dished up this delicious compliment: "I love your eyes, but only with ketchup."

Big Bridge editors are Michael Rothenberg and Nancy Victoria Davis. Past issues include feature chapbooks by Philiip Whalen, Jack Collom, Robert Creeley, Joanne Kyger and presently "Engraving of Snakes" by Michael McClure.

Unpublished collection of poems written by McClure in 1984 during ten days travelling from San Francisco to Iceland to Amsterdam through former Yugoslavia and through Germany and back to San Francisco. Illustrated by Nancy Victoria Davis.

Upcoming issue will feature feature chapbook by David Meltzer and several new poems from John Weiners.

Our art section is now featuring a large section on Ira Cohen and will be featuring a 50 year retrospective on Robert LaVigne in December.

Poets past and present include Sam Abrams, Andrei Codrescu, Kimberly Lyons, David Gitin, Amy Hollowell, Lina ramona Vitkauskas, Ward Kelley, A.R. Lamb, Pat Nolan, Frank Parker, George Mattingly, Kate Lutzner, Stephen Betts, Wanda Phipps, Janine Pommy-Vega,Todd Colby, Eileen Myles, Duncan McNaughton, Andy Clausen, Bernadette Mayer and others.

Fiction section has offered work by Maggie Dubris, Norman Locke, RhondaK, Tom Bradley and others.

We also feature LITTLE MAGS that have no internet visibility and low circulation for free.

  • COMPLIMENTS OF DR. MENLO: Rex, I am honored, once again, to be part of the Corpse. I'd tell Andrei, too, but I know he's a busy man . . . so I'll send him my moonbeam-thoughts (>eeyawwwwwwwwwww<) . . . ah, but one quick thing: I'm sure you're way ahead of me on this, but I wanted to make sure you guys were running something on blogs this ish. I just found out about them (ok, a wee late), but they have revitalized my interest in the net to untold lengths. To be titled: WHY PORTALS SUCK, or WHY YAHOO SUCKS, etc, you know--in that wonderful WHY SALON SUCKS vein (which I haven't read yet but great title) . . . but just case I put together a brief intro:

From Wired ("The Web the Way It Was" by Leander Kahney, 2/23/00):

" . . . For example, Memepool recently provided links to sites for creating your own Old Testament adventure, bubblewrap lingerie, and entomophagy. At the same time, Yahoo's What's New linked to Philip Morris, Quaker Oatmeal, and Clover Stornetta Farms . . . "

A short tutorial -

This is the first blog that dropped my jaw and kept me up late nites -

Badass Blog -

Stylish Blog -

This is a ten-best blog which comes to your door -

Here are 2 sample mother-lode blogs:,

Bypass the corporations and go straight to the good stuff. Bloggers are nothing less than the new millenium information dj's: rad neo-chefs for our digital media age. Historically important major flow-shift of the people toward democratization of information (chooze yr. newz) away from the megalomaniacal global insiduousness of the corporate media-propaganda stranglehold. Like, totally groovy, man. Go Blogger: Go Sane.

Blogs: "I thought I knew the net . . . I knew nothing."
Blogs: Discover the net, all over again.
Blogs: Get Sum. Daily.

Time predicted blogs will hit the cover of Wired: within 6 months.
Time predicted blogs will hit the cover of Time: 1-2 years.

As the aforementioned sez: "Read fast. Think later." Indeed. Blog Power.

  • Born in Sacramento in 1972, Daniel spent his childhood climbing Idaho water towers. After brief sojourn-stays in Salt Lake City and San Fransisco, he now calls New Orleans home. His paintings are sleak, hypnotic and dangerous. The work, in every way, is heir apparent to an invisible bird gesture.


    Using Democratic Criteria in Participatory Technology Decisions

    Friends & Colleagues:

    This is one in an occasional series on the democratic politics of research, science, and technology issued free of charge by the nonprofit Loka Institute.

    To be added to the Loka Alert E-mail list, or to reply to this post, please send a message to This Loka Alert announces a new Loka Institute project on "Identifying Democratic Technologies."

    Further information about thisproject is on the Web at

    We also announce the availability of Loka Institute student internships.

    Cheers to all,

    Dick Sclove,
    Founder & Research Director
    The Loka Institute


    The website of a kindred mag, LitKit, full of terrific writing.

  • The Iowa University International Writers Program was, for many years, a haven for writers from all over the world, many of whom have become immensely important. Some idiot bureaucrat tried to shut down the program, causing a huge storm of controversy that continues to this day -- at this website. **Thanks to a tip from one of our readers, we'd like to note that the Iowa University International Writers Program is now back in business!**


    JACK Magazine is edited by Michael Rothenberg and Mary Sands of Beat Generation News.

    Features include a review the new film "Go Moan for Man," and an interview with Doug Sharples, director--by Dan Barth ESSAY: "Grandfather Wisdom," a discussion of Gary Snyder's THE PRACTICE OF THE WILD--by Mary Sands POETRY: Chad Weatherford, Tom Clark, Eddie Watkins, Lina ramona Vitkauskas, skye, Larry Sawyer, Michael Rothenberg, Wanda Phipps, Laurence Overmire, Jane Joritz-Nakagawa, Michael McClure, Paul Marion, Coral Hull, Neal Dwyer, and Dan Barth FICTION: "Tire Story" by Michael Largo ECO-WATCH: "Pronghorns" by Jack Collom

    Present issue includes: Gregory Corso Devotions: Poems by Ira Cohen, Steve Dalachinsky, and Erik La Prade and Janine Pommy Vega. (Photo by Ira Cohen). Feature: Allan Graubard's *Fragments of Nomad Days*. Illustrated by Ira Cohen. (Special segment on Allan's thoughts about writing *Nomad Days*) Essays: Phyllis Segura's "Jack Micheline Story" Poetry by Alan DeNiro, Ricky Garni, Steve Kelen, Bill Lawlor, Duane Locke, Marty Matz (special addition of Herbert Huncke's intro to Marty Matz's *PipeDreams*), Edward Mycue, Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore, Jose de los Reyes, Susan Terris, D.R. Yonkin, Karl Young, and Joy Olivia Yourcenar Fiction: "The Stylist" by Tom Bradley and "Sign Language" by Evan Palmer Tea-Party: "Kerouac Cutups" by Dave Moore Reviews: Jack Foley (review of Gary Gach's *What Book!?-Buddha Poems from Beat to Hiphop*) and Mary Sands (review of Rod Phillips' *Forest Beatniks and Urban Thoreaus*) The Path: Robert Front Interview with Norman Fischer. Illustrations by Robert Front Road Trip: "Postscript" by John Brandi Politics: "Into the Ruins* by William Allegrezza and "Scalia & Miranda" by Tom Devaney Renaissance: "The Germ: A Pre-Raphaelite Connection" by Meg Wise-Lawrence Eco-Watch: "An Ecosystem of Writing Ideas" by Jack Collom TEA-PARTY: "Chinese Chipmunk" by Mike Topp THE PATH: "Mindmanifesting" by Gary Gach ROAD TRIP: "Journey to the Poetic Tarmac" by Larry Jaffe POLITICS: "The Violence of Oneness" by Zoketsu Norman Fischer


    Torres Tama is a New Orleans-New York based performer-poet whose work is a must-see. He tours widely. See his webpage for his appearances at a small underground venue near you.
  • Lit City is a nonprofit literary organization dedicated to fostering the appreciation of contemporary poetry in New Orleans and sponsors the Lit City Poetry Reading Series.


    Norman Solomon is one of the few genuinely intelligent and human media voices writing above the din of corporate propaganda. Write to him to find out where to read him.

  • MILK MAGAZINE was created in 1999 by Larry Sawyer and Lina Ramona Vitkauskas. It stemmed directly from the creation of milk magazine in its print incarnation by Larry Sawyer. As a past editor of Nexus magazine, Larry was fortunate to work with/publish distinguished poets such as Jack Micheline, Ira Cohen, Gerard Malanga, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Gustaf Sobin, Frank Lima, Paul Violi, Sheila E. Murphy, Linda Lerner, Paul Bowles, and Charles Henri Ford. With he hopes to make contact with the spirit of poetry via the electronic pulse of this strange machine called the Internet . . . infusing it with a life it lacks, the creative sweat and blood of the inspiring artists contained herein. . . .


    Poet Friendly!

    News from the Romanian Cultural Foundation about all things Romanian and cultural taking place at any given moment in the U.S. -- and there is, believe it or not, such an event every few seconds.
  • The Romany people (Gypsies) have been using the internet to spread the news of their situation. Write to find out how to get their emailings.

  • RTMark is the bad seed child of the Techno-Era. For an insight into how you too can help infiltrate and confuse the system, see RTMark numerous worldwide projects of whimsy and genius.



    A non-profit group of writers based in San Francisco's SoMa district. Their fiction tells the new "tales of the city."

    Soma Literary Review started web publishing in July 1999 and averages about 7,000 unique visitors each month, resulting in tens of thousands of "hits." They are always looking for new writers.


    The St. Marks' Poetry Project, the venerable New York institution where the editor heard dozens of greats and didn't hear hundreds of others because he was busy doing other things in the graveyard, issues bulletins about their events and performances.

  • John Clark has written a most brilliant article for Britannica on the Tao of capitalism: "Going with the (Cash) Flow"

    Taoism has taken on myriad forms in the West. It's been invoked as the basis for everything from New Age spirituality & sports psychology to managerial "philosophy" and laissez-faire capitalism.

    In his essay "Going with the (Cash) Flow", John Clark subjects market Taoism -- all the rage today among New Age business managers & neoliberal think tank types -- to careful scrutiny & suggests that Lao Tzu -- a proto-anarchist advocate of liberation -- has been stood on his head by the new sages.


    This is the email of the indefatigable and handsome poet Greg Fuchs who has the inside dope on what goes on on the New York poetry scene. If you tell him you met him here & you buy him drinks & dinner he'll hip you to the scene.


    This is the website of the Two Girls Review, two very bad and very smart girls. The Corpse recommends their company.

    If you possess a morbid and tasteless sense of humor, ROTTEN.COM is sure to please. Hoards of unusual pictures (sexual or otherwise) and (in)human interest stories! heh Definitely not for the squeamish!!
    errors that are being made on the web
    One of the few really nice sites and about food as well
    The Trojan wunderkinder are wise beyond their years, and their outstanding screen dramas prove it. Check 'em out here
    shitty but witty
    serial killer hit list

    There is a really good and informative site on the internet and that is Britannica, all you want to know and the best links where to find it....

  • The Zinc Bar is one of the coolest new poetry venues in New York, a great place to pick up poor, talented, and beautiful people




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