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The Mississippi Corpse - CyberCorpse 12

From: Terry Jacobus <T-Jacobus@neiu.edu>

I knows this ain't gonna help with the documentary but I did find this poem in my new Bk of God collection.


in college I managed one
more year of organized
ball and ended up
man to man
against an old friend who
went to Ole' Mis
his name was Neil Shilling
and when he'd stick a J
he'd make the sign of the
cross followed by three
quick bows of his head
thumping his heart
as he retreated to play D
sometimes I played Shilling
well and sometimes he
got by me
but I never countered with a
novena of my own
when I took him to the hole
and scored myself
if you're a decent young
poet and think you're
connected to god
you're supposed to know
stuff like that

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