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The Mississippi Corpse - CyberCorpse 12

From: Susan Griffin <sgriffinca@earthlink.net>

This summer I began a long poem on the Mississippi river. it is now about 26 pages long but it will be longer. Parts of it will be choral and whole sections will be set to music. (Rachel Bagby, the singer and composer, will write music for it.)

So, I thought you might be interested.

Also I wanted to put you in touch with Diane Wilson, a fourth generation shrimpboater who lives in Seadrift, Texas on the Gulf of Mexico (where the Mississippi drains). She's a firecracker; with fasting, and various kinds of daring protests (chaining herself to a high tower at Dow etc.) she has been protesting the pollution of the Gulf. She got Alcoa and Formosa to sign zero tolerance agreements.

And I am on the board for a film being made about water if you're interested.

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