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The Mississippi Corpse - CyberCorpse 12

From: "steven lesser" <stevenlesser@hotmail.com>

hello! thanks for thinking of me as a riverside denizen, im in a lurid farcical adventure with an 8000 pound gorilla by the riverside; i moved to the spot im in, by the river, to fulfill my quiet dream of having a sculpture studio, where i could work till i died creating beauty. i picked the most derelict abandoned part of town, where they would find bodies and where no one would visit me cuz it was scary, i worked for the place by taking care of gunshot victims at a charity hospital ....the conversion of a civil war confederate cannon factory, paid for with the cries of anguish of victims of the socioeconomic warfare that we wage on the poor and ignorant, who float the lifestyles of the more fortunate....i plugged away and plugged away, nights weekends through the death of my parents and through lots of life passing by and a few days before the big switch, when i was to be a fulltime stonecarvin and steelweldin sculptor this behemoth the convention center, a board of incestuous greedy selfserving downtown businessmen, using a cloak of supposed public good, used the power of the state to seize the studio offering a check for less than the place is mortgaged for and a demand to be out in 2 weeks, to allow for the construction of some awful plastic building that completely closes off access to the river for the population that actually lives here....they use a "feasibility study" paid for with public funds. to determine a huge number of square feet that they need. the studies are all the same, even written by the same groups, all saying that we must expand the convention center as a panacea to all of the cities’ problems, sucking tax money from the schools, studies using flawed logic with no mathematics all coming to the same conclusions...expand expand, if we don't expand we'll lose our "market position". the board that hires out the study is the same folks that own the downtown businesses that benefit from the out of town crowds, not anyone else in the town that gets bankrupted by the "bonds" passed for construction that are decades of debt for the city...you cant see the river from the convention center, their army blocked off the streets around my place, then ripped them up, bought and left open and abandoned the building around me so that vagrants have free access, my water and power get shut off on on the left environmental contamination unaddressed, made false statements, about me to the state, realtors, even a death threat. i had their study analyzed the one which determined this magic # of needed expansion feet and it’s senseless, hired an architect to show that THE Expansion THEY WANT WILL FIT IN the land that they already have, had the building declared a monument, and more, all of which will fall on deaf ears in the court house, by a judge who's worried about if he'll get elected again, forbidden by state law to have a jury.

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