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The Mississippi Corpse - CyberCorpse 12

From: "Ric Carter" <ric@sonic.net>

In Robt Heinlein's FRIDAY the bisexual superwoman French-kisses a bulldyke recruiter and joins a mercenary group in Memphis Under-The-Hill that's attempting to infiltrate the Chicago Republic, but their steamboats are sabotaged somewhere upstream, exploding violently, and survivor Friday must swim across the river, etc. Incorporate this into the film and it'll be the SUPER ACTION BLOCKBUSTER HIT of the summer, or whenever.

Or: and in Robt Jones' BLOOD SPORT, the Mississippi arises in the Tanggula Shan between Tibet and China, flows sluggishly thru the Bolivian Altiplano, cascades down the tempestuous Zambezi Gorges, crosses the Colorado Plateau and Danube Basin before forming the Achafalaya-Mississippi Delta and emptying into the Gulf at the Shatt-al-Arab. Jaded thrill-seekers traveling up- and down-river from Natchez encounter many multicultural adventures and wild beasts: some of a questing party are devoured, others are raped by mutant man-llama chimerae, others befriend shy Yazoo headhunters, yet others discover a lost UFO civilization. The HERO/INE leads the survivors past
many hazards, to... ???

Or: GW (Global Warming) Bush, at the behest of his Reptilioid Republican masters, not only promotes McFood so the RRs will have a nice juicy harvest of obese humans, but also increases fossil-fuel burning which accelerates the melting of icecaps, glaciers, etc. The oceans rise; the Mississippi also rises, slowly engulfing the entire Valley between the Rockies and the Appalachians, with just the Ozark-Ouichata Plateau and Black Hills remaining as isolated islands. NOLAns have built a crystal dome over the Crescent City and live out their usual lives under the murky waters, albeit with far fewer tourists to exploit.

Or: a flock of wild geese flies down the length of the Mississippi in the autumn, shitting the entire way. The POV is that of selected individual shit-droplets as they fall, a panorama of the river from north-to-south, high-to-low elevation, swirling around like a magical dance. Smell-o-vision, of course. Hmmm, not much ACTION ADVENTURE in that -- unless the shit-droplets have personalities, battle on the way down, etc.

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