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The Mississippi Corpse - CyberCorpse 12

From: Rambart@aol.com

Definitely check out those folks living on the "batture," between the levee ridge and the water. you might already know, but they're along River Road past Carrollton Ave's end point uptown. It's likely a weird set of considerations living there, and there's history in it.

Also, the Mississippi Queen steamboat goes all the way up the river in the summer, up to St Louis, and once or twice through the summer, through the locks and up to Saint Paul. What intrigued me was the service staff, which was a subculture all its own, living on the boat. the waiters worked generally 6weeks on, 2 off. i worked as a waiter on the boat in the early 80s. (I only assume it's still happening). I loved it when the boat stopped at certain ports, and we'd party all night in some bar, and then get one hour of sleep and start serving customers scrambled eggs by 7 pm. but unless you're doing an exposè or examination of unconventional lifestyles, that scene might not be such an attraction.

I saw that movie where you traveled all over the country, years ago. good luck on this one.

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