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The Mississippi Corpse - CyberCorpse 12

From: "Molly Snyder" <mollybees@hotmail.com>

i have had a significant "river experience" recently. after waiting many years to become a mother, my son was born aug. 7 in guatemala city. we named him kai river. "kai" from the gary snyder poem "the bath" and "river" because we have lived in wisconsin our entire lives and are deeply moved by the milwaukee and mississippi rivers.

we pine for our son everyday, praying our case will move through the guatemalan courts by early spring. we are excited and heartbroken at the same time and feel both blessed and forsaken.

we wait for the rivers to fill the skies so our clothes can be drenched with rain. and then we wait some more. is this a test of patience because i don't have any?

to cope, my husband jamie and i make music. i write the lyrics and he sings them while playing his guitar. i married this man because of his voice, and once again, it soothes me. sometimes we sing the smith's "please please please let me get what i want" and other times we sing original songs. we call this process "medling" because my name is molly, and my husband's last name is edler.

i don't know if this translates into much of anything for you, but when i read your e-mail, i felt it was a wonderful coincidence and it reminded me of poetry, something that i had forgotten about on this sad saturday.

i wish you the very best of luck with this project and thank you, thank you for the "corpse."


draw a heart in the dust
i'm sorry that we missed the bus
this is something you should know
the hardest part is letting go

scrub the dish until it's clean
blue and yellow didn't make green
i tried to tell you on the plane
i don't know how to dodge the pain

drowning in a baby pool
even fonzies lose their cool
wishes sink like skipping stones
the river says we're not alone

when one and one
don't make three
eventually you let it be
new beginning
brand new start
bought a gluestick for my heart

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