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The Mississippi Corpse - CyberCorpse 12

From: sunyata <mdnez@yahoo.com>

I just pulled into Budapest and need to find cheap lodgings near the river. Although my mother is magyar no one here seems inclined to turn me in that direction. Might you have any clues?

Left Italy last night, having posted Rome, Florence, and Venice with the Louisiana's Purchased fliers that I can only hope you had noticed around the Quarters before that fool the grey-ghost swabbed them out. Along with the peace signs. Aaaaargh!

How delightful to hear that you are calling for expressions of Mississippian consciousness. Isn't our bicentennial coming Dec. 3'd at the Cabildo? I know of a few others who would be interested in joining the chorus.

sincerely, Matthew DD. Nesbit (sans moss)

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