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The Mississippi Corpse - CyberCorpse 12

From: "Venus Envy" <info@venusenvy.org>

In 1999, 11 women artists and I founded an art exhibition and celebration in St. Louis, MO called "Venus Envy." It has grown into an cultural phenomenon over the years, and its growth incorporates the Mississippi River. Last year, Venus Envy took place in St. Louis and Memphis simultaneously. We are in the planning stages for Venus Envy 2003, and we're negotiating the inclusion of a third city on March 29: either Minneapolis or Baton Rouge.

The Mississippi River is the powerful thread which connects Venus Envy. We have been approached by other cities on both coasts, but our goal is to establish the success of Venus Envy in the center of the country, drawing cultural attention away from New York and California for one night a year. A part of our mission is to gain recognition for talented female artists living and working in the central United States.

Venus Envy is an amazing program which depends on the volunteer efforts and financial support of artists and non-artists from all backgrounds. Through art, performance, spectacle, food and drink; we have attracted over 4000 people to the event in one night.

I hope you find this program worthy of your documentary. Feel free tocontact me anytime and please visit our website for information on last year's event.

Mallarie N. Zimmer

Venus Envy

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