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The Mississippi Corpse - CyberCorpse 12

From: "Kevin McGowin" <kevinmcgowin@hotmail.com>

....And I was thinking of a different way to make a Living than teaching Art at a place where everybody hates me and they don't pay me jack SHIT. And around here, everything's a scheme, a hustle, a Plan, a Prop. Proposition. Preposition. Over, Under, Around, Across, Along. Along the Mississippi. Ac-CROSS the Mississippi. IN the Mississippi. In-SIDE the Mississippi. I decided that if I could find the Mississippi River's Pussy I could work out a deal with Fleetwhite that after he marries his Drunken Tourists, instead of a goddamn Carriage Ride in the Old Square we'd say, Hey! That there's the Mississippi River. And we know where you can go to find its Pussy. THEN, for only $65, we'd take them to a little glass booth I'd have set up on the Bank that had a little hole in it with mud coming thru, and they could get off by watching each other eat out the Mississippi's Pussy! A Threesome! A great way to kick off a Lifetime Together. Black & White photographs $20 extra.
$99 for a Hi-8 videotape for them to watch five years later when they couldn't get each other off anymore. And then it'd be time for a Second Honeymoon, see? Me, hell, I'm divorced. But what I would give to take my Ex-wife on a Second Honeymoon and watch her go down to the Banks of the Mississippi and Eat out its Pussy.
Hell, she's probably ALREADY done as much to the
Susquehanna. Or the St. John. Or the goddamn Nile, wherever the hell she is.

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