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The Mississippi Corpse - CyberCorpse 12

From: Javier Aguilar <aguilart@san.rr.com>

I only believe in what the gods have brought, or revealed to each and every one of us in our own particular lives and how that ties in with the bigger scheme of things. A long time ago and before I moved to Europe I lived, for many years in the one and only New Orleans - first and last place for the river. I imagine the image this way: a long and intricate complex of arteries similar to the urine-urological water system we carry and express in our bodies. The continent's urinating system seen from up above. Thick, single and thrusting at the 'bottom'- at its delta, and intricate, diverse and veiny at the top - at its blood manufacturing geography. Physical and psychologically geographical. And my dilemmas started in that old city by the ever-present river and that water paradox seized me ever afterwards. I carry the pain and the riddle of Aphrodite's terrible and sweet domain.

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