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The Mississippi Corpse - CyberCorpse 12

From: "Edwin Lyon" <edwinlyon@earthlink.net>

Mr. Codrescu:

I enjoyed your presentation to the Association of American Geographers meeting last night very much.

When I visited your web site I was surprised to find that you are planning a documentary, book and CD on the Mississippi River. I am very interested in this project because I teach a multidisciplinary course on the Mississippi River at Tulane. I have 36 students this semester and there seems to be a great interest in the river among the students and in the public. I am sure that your project will be a great success if it can tap into the popular interest in the Mississippi River.

My day job is as an archaeologist working in historic preservation for the Corps of Engineers in New Orleans (disclaimer: I'm really a historian not an archaeologist; Ph.D. in history from LSU). You might be interested in looking at my web site at http://www.edwinlyon.com. The site contains information about my course and more generally on the Mississippi River.

I am working with Tulane and the National Park Service to develop a conference on interpreting the cultural and natural resources of the Mississippi River Valley. The conference is one of a series on the Mississippi River. This one will be in the Old U.S. Mint on October 8-9. I would be interested in talking with you about possible participation in the conference.

I would like to offer my help in your project. I have accumulated a certain amount of knowledge of the River from my 20 years experience working for the Corps in history and historic preservation and teaching Mississippi River courses. Please feel free to contact me if I can help you in any way.

Edwin Lyon
Archaeologist, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and
Adjunct Professor of History, Tulane University


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