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The Mississippi Corpse - CyberCorpse 12

From: "Dean Lenane" <d.lenane@crhna.com>

For an animated short (5-10 min.)
If you want it storyboarded, I know some animators.
Think of a N.O. as a pussy with a clarinet-cock being roughly inserted and then notes squirting up the river and being distributed throughout the fruited plain. We would follow the precipitous perambulations of said notes as they stop in various locations and local variations are created based upon the original protein stew. I don't know how to end it yet but would somehow want to get the idea across that the high point artistically for jazz occurred during the period that I refer to as "American apartheid" and that ever since the relatively good success of the civil rights movement has given black people those certain inalienable rights we always talk about, through some twisted paradox, the art form of jazz has gone into irreparable decline.

The underlying intellectual theme/justification/claptrap:

New Orleans is the great pudendal aperture leading into the great vagina of the Mississippi river. Into this fecund and funky canal, generations of Louisiana musicians pumped their loads of generative music. The notes, like spermatozoa, fought their way up river. This jism named jazz (I am pretty sure they are etymologically related) spewed into the river and came to rest in every warm harbor, in every tributary where the cultural agar was receptive enough for the procreative reflex to be activated. Children were created in Chicago, New York, Kansas City, LA and a hundred other smaller places. Hot five cumgumbo was transmogrified into swing, bebop, hard bop and Coltrane. The children are all old now and either dead or sick. The grandchildren are ne’er-do-wells. It is an American tragedy.

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