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The Mississippi Corpse - CyberCorpse 12

From: uminookie@webtv.net(David and Vera)

Back in the seventies my wife Vera, moved over to the French Quarter from Gretna. Not sure if you were around then Time of the NOLA Express and Good News Acid undergrounds on the streets Magical Carnival that still paraded through the Quarters etc. Anyway her allegorical tale is that of swimming across the river and losing her tail (symbolic for useless social baggage?) in the process. a rebirth if you will From suburban to hip and psychedelic consciousness....That would make the river a wellspring of change and foment! I used to rent a little house down in Lower Algiers back then and we actually swam in the river quite a bit on hot days (dumb idea) until my best friend and his cousin drowned one afternoon while I was tending the Food Coop. If you can use any of this, help yourself!

P.S. In this literary history vein, My good friend Lula is compiling a series of interviews about Lu and Charlies a Jazz Nightclub on Rampart St. in the later seventies which was pivitol (?) in the development of music and race relations back then....I wonder if any of your readers were around back then and would be interested in participating....? RSVP Por favour!

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