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The Mississippi Corpse - CyberCorpse 12

From: David Sullivan <david@comm.net>

We did an art installation that largely focused on the river. The show was called "Backwash" and was installed at Acme Art Company in Columbus, Ohio, in 1998. Parts of the installation were later shown in New Orleans. The main part of the installation was a 200'+ inflatable "intestine," made entirely of plastic bags taped together. This was our attempt to embody the river, making the river the intestine of the country. There were also two video pieces that went with the show; one, a semi-comedic operation on the intestine leading to a colonoscopic trip through the intestine, the other follows a science experiment gone awry that is flushed down the toilet and is found in the river by four innocents. The four conspirators of this cabal were Shawn Hall, Courtney Egan, Robert Vicknair, and myself (with the assistance of Andrew Wade Smith). Here's a link to one of the paintings in the show: http://home.comm.net/~david/artbaptism.html If you'd like to see images of the intestine or the videos, please let us know. There has been some talk about re-inflating the intestine for one last movement, and any interest on your part might be the Metamucil we need to actually do it.

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