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The Mississippi Corpse - CyberCorpse 12

From: "Clarity Clarity" <thiscafe@hotmail.com>

Wondering if I would qualify, being as I have been over the mentioned river. I did live on the Ohio River once and now live near the Megunticook River, of which the Mississippi is a missed-spelling and once removed kind of half-cousin to some of the other rivers round and about.

I believe that the Mississippi river used to be much much shorter when it was located in Greece, but then most rivers lose a lot to the big water in passing.... of course, when in Athens, spell Mississippi differently or NO ONE will have a clue as to what the hell you're talking about!!

Myth has it that the Mississippi used to run under the London Bridge, but there is so little real documentation on that fact that I almost don't include it here. Small children back in the early 15oo's would launch small red sailboats and wonder if they would ever reach New Orleans (these were smart kids with vision). Another story tells of the time the young czar Nicholas bought the Mississippi and had it installed on his country estate and called it the Ural river (a bastardization of the word Y'all). It's hard to remember after that exactly what happened, but there are a few people who believe to this day that the Mississippi had a sort run beneath the bridges of Paris. Insane you say...who's to tell. It could have been the light playing tricks, or words lost in translation. Go figure.

Then there's the story about the great pyramids and how the Nile needed help and called out to all the rivers to come help assemble all those stones into a work of art. Back then the Mississippi was spelled without the last "i" on it, to this day you can still hear people along the river call it the Mississipp, anyway, along comes the river and they somehow wrap themselves around the stones and lift them one on top of the other until they achieve one hell of a tourist spot with plenty of camel parking. Few people know of this and is why so many are perplexedas to the true origins water building. Just the same, it's always wonderful when someone takes on a river as a subject, because they always become the subject of it. Take the Ganges, you guessed it, it used to be the Mississippi. One day it got enlightened, started talking about the flow, being in the flow, flow with it....we still hear these wise and famous words today. Rivers are roots that really start out small and before you know you have a very long way around a very short subject.

If you get around to talking about how the Mississippi was merely invented to give school children a fun way to spell a word: Mi-SS-i-SS-i-PP-i, well then, you might be digging in the right spot.

warmest regards, Clarity

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