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The Mississippi Corpse - CyberCorpse 12

From: charles cannon <c_w_cannon@yahoo.com>

OK, the river. Two things.

1. I grew up within a few blocks of the river, in Bywater, the Marigny and the Quarter. Have memories of Daddy taking us up nights to watch the ships unload on the wharves (people used to do that), and lots of other memories from a time when the river was a more visible economic force for neighborhood residents. You might talk to somebody like Roy Markey (of Markey's) about when everybody in Bywater walked up to the river to earn their paychecks, like a coalmining town or something.

2. Of art and the river. Yes, as a matter of fact, the river plays a huge part in my novel, Soul Resin. It's this dark mythical force, a primal thing rearing its head. I think my book should be added to the pile of American artworks ruminating on river sludge.

a propos: don't forget Johnny Cash! "Big River" is a must for the soundtrack.

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