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The Mississippi Corpse - CyberCorpse 12

From: CMaher199@aol.com

Wish I lived on or near the Mississippi so I could comment or make a contribution.

But, I think it would be very interesting if you had a place on the Corpse site where the raw inputs could be published. Because I think the stories and suggestions that don't make it into the final event will be quite interesting all by themselves.

In a time of fear--incidentally, did you read Safire's column about what ex-Admiral Poindexter (of Iran-Contra infamy) is now doing with the initiative, "Total Information Awareness"?--I would hope and expect that you could help create something that is utterly frivolous, yet sacred in its way. The river (and ocean) was the ORIGINAL media... newsbearer... the original monitor that glowed in the light... and changed with every moment... Protean...

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