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The Mississippi Corpse - CyberCorpse 12

From: CAConrad13@aol.com

i grew up on the Mississippi in Iowa. watched it flood, ice-over, cough-up windows and doors after tornadoes and other storms passed. the shadfly season was a favorite time of year, July, black clouds of the insects flying inland from the little islands.

the smell of the river. and my uncle and grandfather's boats. we were poor, and the men would net catfish, and smoke them in these makeshift smoke sheds. snapper soup. snails, freshwater clams.
a bloated deer drifting by at breakfast entered my dreams over and over, talking about water, talking through water, the bubbles and voice of an alternative Christ.

from storms to sustenance. or storms as sustenance. i remember the first time i shifted my perception to see myself as a parasite drinking the vein of an animal. any river could get you to understand this, but the Mississippi was for my epiphany.

what an exciting American project you have forming.

all my best,
more later,

"I believe in compulsory cannibalism.
If people were forced to eat what they
killed there would be no more war."
--Abbie Hoffman

"This is a good world...
And war shall fail."
--Kenneth Patchen

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