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The Mississippi Corpse - CyberCorpse 12

From: Bob Parker <bobpmn@earthlink.net>

Whatever happened to that Cadillac?

Well, anyway....my sister in law forwarded your info regarding Miss. River stuff. I'm sure that by now you are well aware of the Bix Beiderbecke fest in Bettendorf, Iowa. We had a nice intra-family road trip down there some time ago--an amazing trip filled with serendipitous moments! Bix brought her to the New World in the sixties and ended up being sort of a rallying point for all of us, the survivors of her late husband (my brother). Bix....the Hendrix of the '20s.
Also, there's a guy I used to know a long time ago that put together these really nice, grassroots style festivals along the river. I think they were called the Great River Revival. His name is Larry Long. I haven't seen much of him lately. He was a real Woody Guthrie type of guy back in the '70s. I'm sure he's still a political troubadour somewhere. Our girlfriends were room mates then; I played mandolin and worked in a hippie beer bar/ vegetarian cafe. I reckon I'll go Google him.
Yep...exactly! Go look for yourself!

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