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The Mississippi Corpse - CyberCorpse 12

From: "Billy X. Curmano" <billyx@acegroup.cc>

I was forwarded a message about your upcoming Mississippi River Project. We met briefly in Winona, MN years ago. I'm the artist that swam from the source of the river to the Gulf of Mexico. My work was featured at the Contemporary in New Orleans back in 1997. We should probably talk. I have objects, performances and videos based on the river. There are more in my head. There is even an expansive "RiverRap" you would probably find of interest. I have CD's out and a back up band. There is some of my work reviewed on the www.mnartists.org web site and I have a modest personal site up at www.billycurmano.com. Other projects include a 40 day fast in Death Valley and a 3 day live burial.

Keep me in mind,

Billy X. Curmano

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