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The Mississippi Corpse - CyberCorpse 12

From: "Anne Blonstein" <ablonstein@datacomm.ch>

though English, though a long-term resident of Basel, Switzerland, after a visit to New Orleans in 2000 and encounters with people concerned about and interested in the Mississippi I wrote the attached poem.

It hasn't been published anywhere yet, though it is being considered by 'Bayou' at the University of New Orleans.

If you'd be interested in using it or part of it for your film/project -- please do.

With kind regards,

Anne Blonstein



the rotifer braids a chord of ions, tuning silence,
to catch later yellow with a cilia of frowns.

born with oxygen's promiscuous heart.
born with the prodigal bickerings of hydrogen.
double-spirited, water haunts the edge.
a flame guides the canoe.

bamboos arrive undragging inertia,
filling with silence, their arias
buffer the ground.

the hard and the high notes run together.
the dreamed dammed. terror of unreaching.
channels meander. channels concentrate.
discharge. dissolves. dissonance.
riffles and pooled. pools of poison. prey.
acid drains from the wolf's eye.

they shimmer like a commotion of yourself.
punctuate the ripples with need. light laughs
passing through the gaps to their lullabies.
time turns even redder. no structures
but in shine.

phases of reed and read idioms and modes.
phrases of riven by utility. tethered.
or an abrasive bathing in endless alphabets.
lingua bywater. oscillators. paddle drumming.
blue-green flesh strummed by a starbeam.
mouthtraps. spins.

hymn of the chloroplast
fugue of the mitochondrion.

with whose keys? concerto, in c,
for cello congas and claves.

the motion of forced bodies. arrow
emerging from the middle pool. psyche
in hydraulic dresses. order as the fool.
dance the drought. dancelotions.
dance the doubt.

terror unattached, names as elusive as knobs.
floating on yellow. floating on tight air.

the mussels else their lips in tight offsets,
lined with silence, they dilate
a tattooed austerity.

the breaching of the locks, the spreading
of the load. the flow rerhymes. north is south.
blue is red. terror births under the bed.
a mortal section.

the ghost shiner swims
through rotting pictures, mimics silence,
filling bubbles with cold to hassle the nap
of night.

carbonate and diamond. carbohydrate and oil.
maps drawn with the ashes. cycles of memory.
cycle of languages. an unsaturated thought.

cycles. never is the trouble gripping ends.
the apoknis mix monologues in acid.
they will not blind us. those dreams
nightrifying the inearthness of a day.

the goldeneyes hide in the odorant.
nude to silence. a lost solaride
decomposes from their scales.

hide, where a terminal clarity molds the swamp,
where the mouths squint on flying toes. alone
the lightness of torn. dusk-code kissed.
genes eat sense. hers on gaps. mine in ink.
the other her dances in lunar trash.

deposited in mud and silt, the loose ends
of time's curses.

in the volume, the density of drift grows
no sides, no lines, no message.

the diatoms cannot split their cells. niched
in the zones of shadow, their acids cultivate
a spring risk. melos, its rain of tangents
and lightness. melos in ragged runs,
nuancelate. steeped in the phantoms
of distant cusecs.

transcription in gold leaves, blue leaves
and sighing without leaving. transcription
of six genres, witchery and agency.
transcription from maybe, the call
and the beauty of age. sipping hectoliters
of just. ephemeral. optimal. eral.
lexicon of the fathers. a mothergrammar.

feeding on the surface tension. at the limits
of nervous phylogenies. silk-throated they spin,
pleat the currents' troubles in a matrix of need.
tricks to hold and organize the past,
eroded land.

transaction. transaction of the blue-barbed
ictus. transaction these dues threaded through
death's eye.

a river is nothing but return. and how to
comminute clauses back to vowels,
adaptive onomastics, but in shadow lines,
casts of tiny, force unnymphed by
a loud isolation, chance here of there,
torsal echoes, the black of galled sand.

a river is nothing but return, of a desire
for metaphors to rub against stone,
pollen grains zealous with maybe some
where, dust from fields of eternity, and ash
from the torched bones of accord.

and the teleonomy of recognizing that
a backbone can snap. twister.

torched song.

amazement is sprouting through my hand.
whiskers in my ear. i want to cultivate
horizontal worlds.

a falcon falls into conflicts ideas, drifts
on silence welling up from the frog's back.

the cottonwoods prime an opus of lust.
shocked by the temperature,
they dehisce the light of lenders.

a fleck of sun and a flutter of shade
dance off the surface. the rub is coordinate.

buffering, bass and acid. carbonates,
the rock basses in flow. bass, flow. bass,
conduct. bass, pitching between the lowest
and deeper, between counter and chance,
between a tradition and variation.

buffering, the potential to scavenge the free
to rise reversed, reversioned, reverberant,
reverberatory. a reversed charge pulsed
with the echoes of rain. along the chemistry
of freedom. from negative absence to a pool
of many species. mortality of cycles. spates
of burning hearts.

through the delta, flows
laminate the fingernails, disturb the missing.

the dream shears off a solution.
plays above and below this surface.
stressed by the lines of the expressable.
forced by the expressiveness of impressions.
the dream shears off a solution. rises
at the outside of a bend. knows the edge
for no ledge. the unpredict. allotic.

a river floods, extension and influx.

natural reason, generality running into
a log dam of vision zeno's race.

after the confluence of forms, a complex.
weatherworld of aure. waterworld
of conditioned walls. quaking,
woodedworld aspects of next.

the assemblage is seamless. the alternates,
the changed shapes. the forms of protraction.
conjugation and constraint create the forms.
first connections, then continues.

choose an irony of middles and ends,
they are names you pour down inaccurate eyes
diameters slipped in aeons. forms in states of
correlates. algabra. river hosts. their anytime
predates us. paratiming, anytime a rhythm
sustains. perhaps a ratio ending pests.

the buffalo counts the tick of bubbles,
snorts the bayou of lush air.

perhaps the lessons of a teleonomy of place?
a placid adaptation.


a river is nothing but return, of rain and rage,
of sulfur and silences, of the eel of eloquence
of everything that needs expansion in the sea.
for want of stories no ontogeny of memory,
container or contained.

drums. beaver tail on flow, taught across
the ear, by a voice abandoned in the fog.

a river is nothing but return, of refuge
from the dead zones of language,
dense cities.

with the silversides, a theme that runs along
influences of deadly at the end.

litteraisle, for lips that sucker and stretch.
litteraisle, the phasing between finite orders
and retroid fins.

spinners of silk as soft as dawn
and stronger than fear, multiplying centers
to encase their ideas. spinners of distorted silk
when there's no decay of ideas. spinners
of silk minds to fly away with these ideas.

rhode xanth chlor blue-green
cyan purpur ultraviolet. the sun
lives within the chromoplasts
and rises from the mitochondrion.

the cypress topples like an axis
on a doomed map, distance is distichous minds.

the canes arc, unique and doubled.
in a rigorous art. twilled encycles,
the canes talk.

a river is nothing but return, removal
of sediment blinding the eyes to divers.
dieback, of the racemes of a myth.
regrowth, of refuge in the shadows.

the source, a lake of language
keening its aspects and calques
for a long adventure.

gulf, memories exposed
to the incoming currents of.

alteration of generations alter the pools,
table continued. unidentified species of,
polychrome bass moving round nets of
morphology, the sport of through.

the open system whose energy migrates
through the mouth. the open circle,
the line hitting the surface, the hooked mouth.

the rockbass ambles through loud-pitched
places, in teased silence, it ruptures
the end-sighted strings of sound. but
the skipjack's already lost air.


ramatization of the rude coils of life.
behind their immediate banks
the swamps distil the liquors of a lurid ecology.

a river is nothing but return, a spiraling
of elements, a temporary hold on need.
cruel gods, stored in gray refineries. laughter,
released by the defecation of chained play.

maps drawn on skin, distance as relations,
circles of adhesion, in the mouth,
floating islands.

the importance of the backwaters of the mind.
as breeding place for off-dreams.
their continuing loss to information
poses a serious threat to our sacred stocks.

continuous redistribution into empty channels.
catastrophic drift. to avoid
the soft visions of moonlight.

hoop and gill. the poisons cannot be employed
anymore, crushed from root and hull,
aeration stirred out of a culture in still.

without the fluvial, the threat of suffocation.
where the suffocation persists and spreads,
the fluent disappear from the index.

a river is nothing but return, to reveal
from place and time, a tract
of change and familiar layed away.

a thirst charting a flow, a lake yields a river.

grass growing in the water.
combing these ends, ophidians
arrive from yesterday, no good don't ideate
lost laughs.

persistence of the adaptable,
in response to a disturbance event,
adaptability of the persistent.

a line is a thought in a web. as heterotrope.
as connectance. as visceral seam.

establish the diversity of the missing.
rich transit zones. as islands of water in a sea
of land, rivers foster what they lose
in time. unpredictable.

an indigenous fauna is not a national fauna
which is a depressed fauna distanced from

beetles crawl over a littered puzzle,
scraping off the silence, they inflate their wings,
unroll sound.

the canvasbacks arc through years of thin air.
vanish like a sine wave of rippling abstractions.

the price cannot be dammed by private hands.
yet half a world is threatened by its lack. this
organic need. to drink. irrigate crops. bathe
and bless in. the price cannot be fixed
but the leaks can. blue gold.

the modeller cannot choreograph the climate,
dancers trained in chaotic moves, cloud
and channel storm through a stalled audience.

they pencil the air with green enigmas.
tail orders talking of polluted sense.

release of solvents and dyes. dead fish
sweeping through memory. red flow.

never eat the lotus unless the myths bore you.
water meals float for wolves, a far from find
art. while the naiads have just about
submerged slender limbs as flexible and brittle
as listening.

our declination mouthward. forms
of fluid recovery. a void cruel unless layered,
with the lucid oreweeds of thought.
chord in place. of loticology.


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