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The Mississippi Corpse - CyberCorpse 12

From: Achaea@aol.com

1.) A mockumentary of Baptisms in the Mississippi going wrong, with Baptists actually drowning.

2.) A spelling bee held by the river, where the contestants are forced to spell various bodies of water.

3.) Exploration of the rivers that drain into the Mississippi, to see how they feel overshadowed, and how they might come to cope with this.

4.) A Mississippi mud pie throwing contest.

5.) Using T.S. Eliot's: "At what point in its course does the Mississippi become what the Mississippi means?" do a social drama on Mississippi River culture using black and white sock puppets.

6.) Alligator gar, the Movie!

7.) Make up a cute, if not annoying cartoonish character named Ojibwe the Otter, who tells people the history of the Mississippi River, but also sexually harasses them.

8.) Make a movie and call it: Interracial Fuck Orgy! Make one of the characters at the orgy dress up like Mark Twain.

9.) Reenact the movie Speed 2 with a river boat, but use a plotline and better acting.

10.) When all else fails, claim the Mississippi River in the name of España.

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