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The Write On Wranter
by Hariette Surovell ©2000
Eldridge Cleaver should be given historical credit for inventing the currently popular form of self-expression, in which I frequently indulge, known as Ranting. Growing up in Queens, N.Y., the Black Panthers were headquartered a mile from my family's home, and copies of their weekly newspaper were as accessible as "The New York Press" is in Manhattan today. "New York Press" boxes, when emptied, are frequently used by creative homeless people, who hide their sandwiches, scarves and other belongings in them. This is the only purpose "The New York Press" serves. I will never understand why people want to read Russ Smith, alias "Mugger" 's detailed descriptions of the comped gourmet feasts he and "Mrs. Mugger" greedily devour, while most New Yorkers struggle to pay their exorbitant rents and try to afford over-priced groceries. They certainly are not helped in this effort by writing for "The New York Press", which pays writers pathetically low wages and always has. (According to Andrei Codrescu, when he wrote for Russ Smith and John Strasbaugh in "The Baltimore Sun", they paid him $25 a column.) In their favor, they did have enough class to give my friend Catherine Seipp, a brilliant journalist, a regular column, "Letter from L.A." But I digress...
       Tonight, while cleaning out our own crib, my musician husband decided to place an old green tambourine in a "New York Press" box. We are waiting to see which one of the locals retrieves it and what s/he does with it--will the bearded hispanic guy use it as a hat? A pan-handling dish? Actually jingle it?
       Anyway, I think Eldridge Cleaver has been overlooked as The Very First Ranter. Granted, he frequently rambled, and it is true that he was not always as coherent as one would wish, but as I recall, he had the ingenuity to use the phrase "fascist running-dog lackey to the imperialists pigs" in practically every paragraph, and to this, I say, "Right On!"

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