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by Anneke Vynstyn

Enter from behind
spasm of breath
wild heart
breaks the steady hum
I was driving 280 when
you came upon me
not willed
from behind
the stretch
the clutch

Your arrow-head shape
the head of your
enter from behind
stretch and then
whatever wants you
wants you so hard,
long leg muscles
shake hard
And I take you
inside the clutch

Drive 280
5 pm today
traffic stops
car shifts back
onto your
enter from behind
I wonder if the guy stopped there
heard me cry out

Breath stopped
then emits sound
I just came
while the pulse takes me
another time

The steering wheel etched
with fingernail moons
I think of your tight
balls get that way
just before you
shoot over the yellow line
I can't help but
cry out

Drives 280
your stub fingers
jammed deep
liquid seeps on hot tar
I put my fingers to myself
as if you were
in the clutch

Early morning freeway rush
all these cars
jammed my fingers
in the clutch

then drop twist
onto your
fingers shift down
deep into wet flesh

Sweet leaves drying on the dash
Suck deep the scent
licks thick-tongued opiates
up the spine
I sent you seeds
in a box painted with pomegranates.

After rain
eucalyptus blows
sap smells
on wet roads.

Lesbian Sucks Cock

Your girl loves my lesbian
to suck your cock.

The moment when
the crossdresser reveals his sex
The moment when the lesbian
Authority of
lesbian mouth
anoints your girl
on her wedding night

Replace phallus with
lesbian mouth

Replace phallus
with lesbian lips

Replace phallus with
lesbian adept

Transmuter of male flesh
take this girl
and sew her seed
in my throat
Then shiver
arch back
I curl in your lap
and I am in thrall
to your arch male gaze
hold me here

Lesbian sucks cock
I'll take your wealth, position, prestige
erect this new

Lesbian Tide


Your seed
tides my lips
silk teeth
thirsty tongue
parts your
sexual waters

I don't want
to see or breathe
Come, seal shut my eyelids
with your
sexual waters

Or as antique coins carry the dead
across deep swells
I'll sleep with this heavy water
on me
around me

Place your palm on my head
push me down to your
the scene in the kitchen by the door
Later, I want to sleep
my face against your cock
all night

And your warm weight
in the curve of my hand
a silk bolt
wound tight


Hot breath
ignites the pump
your lips on mine
slips down
my thighs

The heat of your scalp
against smooth flesh
a boy's history in your head
the shivers through your teeth
are not cooling.

hold on
hold on

This bloom
of flesh
Does jade ache
when leaves
swell tight with water?

Then fingers dip in pools
melted pearl matter
miniature lakes
tender bone
I say: drink

Sexual Tide

Sexual tide rips
I suck
what pulls you high
and inside eddies
sings in
the center of teeth
the center of me

One leg over
reach behind
to your
silk beat rim
palm up
to my
stretched out
the length of me
reach where you
come from behind
and press your palm
to the wet

I twist around
try to shake off
wanting you
Bite the

I twist
can hardly hold this
bite the sheets

My own cry
I can't
spend this
Bite the sheets.

Rolled me in the big waves
when I was six
learned how to ride the undertow
swept back onto your lap
and the eddies played my skin
like the all-over strum of
white water.

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