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Gas and Plenty of It
by Joe Knoepfler
Let us not buy gas
Not support the tyrants
Let us have cheap gas
And plenty of it:
Gas for our cars
To drive immense distances alone
Gas for our mowers
To mow our immense green lawns
Gas for our jets
To fly us from airport to airport to drive from house to house to mow our
      immense green lawns
Let us drive down the price of gas
We can make a difference
The price will fall, tumble, crash......
Gas will be cheaper than water
Cheaper than air
Cheaper than life itself...
We must preserve gas
Our right to gas
Our right to cheap gas and plenty of it
Gas for our leaders
Gas for our followers
Gas for those who need to heat their showers
Gas for those who need showers
In foreign countries
With strange names
And undemocratic harsh acronymic appellations
The coinage of international cabals
Unholy alliances of those who seek control
Bankers, internationalists,
The swarthy of the earth
Our natural enemies
Who'd hoard their resources from us
Driving up the price
Putting it to us
Enriching themselves and their double breasted
US accomplices whose oily profits must satisfy
Their stockholders' lust
For gas
And plenty of it
And cheaper than water
To fly immense distances
To drive their sport utility vehicles
ten megathousand pounds of death defying
salacious steel and chrome
across the arched back of the planet
Or fly immense distances
To foreign countries
Where oil is pumped from the ground our need's enriched
From desert to treasure trove
From swamp to valued resource
That therefore should belong to us
And at cheap prices,
Like fifty years ago
When air conditioning hummed
In Hilton bars alone
On embassy rows
While the natives escaped the heat
By sleeping when they should be working
For us
In our oil fields
Or building their own roads
To drive the trucks we'll trade them
For gas and plenty of it
And at cheap prices
Cheaper than water
Cheaper than milk
Cheaper than air
Until we pump it dry
And run out of gas
Every last drop
By us
And at cheap prices
Our right
Email: yknoe@yahoo.com

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