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Idi Amine Kneels
by Youssef Alaoui
Idi Amine kneels to pay respect
at the tomb of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and,
Moved to tears,
Utters a Devotional Song of Cosmic Love.

Clutching at the grass below him,
he presses his forehead against the foot
of the cool white steps and rises occasionally to emphasize:

"ALLAH...." Repeated several times "...ACHBAR!"
Vowels extended over a period of ten or twenty minutes.

"My lover's shawl flies upon
the wind.

It was left haphazard along the shore
after our lakeside walk.

It flutters like a bird
and soars at times like an eagle.

It infuses cities, mountains,
fields and gardens

With fertile perfumes
of honey, lilac, milk, and musk;

A concoction of our devotion
and loving caresses

Inspired only by your Immortal Song!

The perfume spreads bliss and peace
and respect for Allah; our loving ruler,

Through the currents of air
which envelop the fair landscape.

May the floral winds of love
twirl about us now, sweet Fateh.

Teach me your magic.

For I know only the results of your
spells and feel like a hapless pawn

trapped within greatness.
Forbidden from something Greater.

Blow your ghost into my chest!

Share the wealth and the drive
of your holy and profound career.

You made so many people
so very happy.

That I might know love and
power is not to deny

But I believe yours to be
a love and a power

Wrapped more closely in the protective
embrace of Allah.

Whisper to me now
and guide me to the paths

Leading to God's sheltered gardens

Where the fountains spew rosewater
and grapes hang fat and warm and so low

They climb by themselves

Into the mouths of lovers
as they roll past in ecstatic union.

Where women lounge unveiled
amongst cavalcades of brightly colored flowers

Spanning two palms' width each;
yawning bold stripes of all red golden and purple hues alike.

Stamens like tongues
standing erect, unfurled, and unashamed.

Where men are free to lose themselves
in divine contemplation;

Awash in roaring waves
of abandonment

by the simultaneous recitation

Of all verses of the Koran
which form a harmonious galactic tapestry

As broad and as colored as the flowers of the garden;
as simple and as complex as the many shawls

Dropped by the maidens therein.
Forming a cosmos as contoured as the bodies they hid.

A simultaneous recitation revealing the holy scriptures
as evoked by a chorus of millions;

yet condensed as one prismatic
Multidimensional Truth held in diamond

pronouncing the singular
Resonant voice of God."

Idi Amine wipes his head.
It is aglaze with tears and sweat.
The wind clips at the tail of his white robes.

The grass has two divots
where his knees have pressed.
He kneels again before turning away.

"hear me now and educate me
with the aid of Allah; El-hamdoulaylah!

May my life end as fruitful as thine.
Insha'allah. B'smillah.

God took you too soon for us the living.
The ugly. The struggling.

Show me the way."

Youssef Alaoui has no website yet, but says to look out for something called "roasted apricots and honey" on the earthlink network!

Email: alaouif@earthlink.net

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