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by Mike Topp

Adult Money

I'm spending all my adult money at once!
$9.95 for On Golden Blonde,
$12.95 for Girls' Town,
$29.95 for Big Butt Latin Babes.
Goodbye, adult money!


What's for Dinner?

Dinner is at tennish, so I thought we'd have a few drinks



How come there's only one game called Monopoly?



Yesterday I saw a chicken having sex with an egg. Now I
know which came



A fortuneteller moved in next door. She came over and gave
me ten dollars.
"You don't owe me anything." "You will."



Summer began at 3:49 p.m. this afternoon. No one knows
what happened.




The Implants Gal

I don't care how dumb I be,
Twenty fools will marry me;
If twenty won't, forty shall,
I am my mother's implants gal.


Whitmanic Poem

Even though your feet
Smell like cheese,
I prefer to think
They smell
Like good cheese.


Dow Is Up

Dow is up,
Dow is down,
Dow is like luck;
Here a bull,
Here a bear,
Who gives a fuck.


Siegfried and Roy

Siegfried and Roy
Were two pretty men,
They lay in bed
'Till the clock struck ten:
Then up starts Siegfried
And looks at the sky,
Oh! tiger-tamer Roy,
The sun's very high;
You go before
With the whip and the chair,
And I will come after
With a sore derriere.


Who Goes There?

Who goes there?
A day trader.
What do you want?
A glass of beer.
Where is your money?
I forgot.
Then get lost,
You drunken sot.


There was an old man

There was an old man,
And he had some crack,
And that's half;
He put some in his pipe,
And smoked it in the hall,
And that's all.


P o e m o p e n e d

A. Muscle
B. Gills
C. Mantle
D. Palpi
E. Mouth
H. Anus
I. Intestine
L. Liver


Four Poets Whose Names End with N



The Beach

My girlfriend and I were at the beach when she commented
on how
appealing she found a seagull that was eating nearby. I told
her that it
wasn't cute, that it might not even really be a bird.


Hot Twat Rhymes

hot twat
butt nut
lit clit
piss fit
muff buff
gash bash
mama jama
hairy cherry
stinky pinky
smelly deli
lucky sucky
rubber fucky
phony baloney
assy sassy
Titty City
saggy baggies
trick prick
slick dick
throne bone
big rig
cool tool
pork dork
cock pot
wank shank
pink dink
rank crank
stink kink
knob job
punk spunk
boob lube
ream cream
Moo Goo
Gai Poon

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