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tearing the rag off the bush again
Ginsberg Injection
Nightly Dose of Ginsberg

After 24 years, the video of Allen Ginsberg's legendary appearance at Loyola University New Orleans is now online. The overflow crowd filled up all the aisles and the outside lobby, so he invited audience members to sit on the stage with him. He also did a meditation workshop, and his Collected Poems had just appeared so he spent a whole afternoon signing copies and illustrating each with a drawing. Thanks to Alyce Santoro for helping make this video available. Thanks to Andrei Codrescu for encouraging Allen to come. And above all, we remember with gratitude Allen Ginsberg for his genius and generosity.

Barry Miles and Allen Ginsberg In the Kitchen
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In Allen's kitchen on East 12th Street. I have a great memory of Miles typing at the kitchen table while Allen looked over his shoulder. Great working conditions! I don't know how he did it. Its a heart warming patriotic shot.
A Flower For John Clark
Allen Ginsberg Art
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Persons, for Paul Violi, by Aaron Simon

by Aaron Simon

This year saw many of us cross over! Paul Violi, great poet, lovely human being, generous spirit, among them! His poetry is pure pleasure. I (Codrescu) loved his poetry and thought it a holiday whenever one of his new books came. Another person to miss, another poetry to never read! Aye,...
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Bob Holman On Words!

by Bob Holman

Bob Holman Released!

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Could I Be A Cannibal-in-Training?

by David Berrigan

Our scientist-in-residence finds his love for meat is endless.
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New Poetick by Simon Perchik

by Simon Perchik

when k ends your name g is not far
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Hairy Tail by Andrei-Calin Mihailescu

by Calin-Andrei Mihailescu, Professor of Suspect History, University of Ci_migiu

Dr. Andrei-Călin Mihăilescu is Professor of Suspect History at the University of Cişmigiu. This is his most recent research paper, special to the Corpse.
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Les Enfants by Caroline Wallenberg

by Caroline Wallenberg

 Les Enfants arrivent on francais
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The Gratuitous Trashing of a Literary Giant

by Einar Moos

The Gratuitous Trashing of a Literary Giant

In The New York Times of 29 January 2012, Jeanette Winterson published a...
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Suzanne Jill Levine translates Gabriel Magana Merlo

by Robyn Z. Bell

This review of Mexican poet Gabriel Magana Merlo insists on the translator's art, which is an overdue perspective. The review itself is quite mysterious (or maybe too brief) to let us in on  why a reader of poetry might find a line arrangement "goofy," or how exactly the...
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Intergalactic Blues: Fantasy & Ideology in Avatar by Max Cafard

by Max Cafard

Intergalactic Blues: Fantasy & Ideology in  Avatar
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The Wire by Simone Ellis

by Simone Ellis

the scripted Wire under Simone's gaze
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Dragosh Ziditoru from the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh

by Dragosh Ziditoru

The Romanian poet & resident of London Dragosh Ziditoru reports from Scotland about the graying of poetry readers and the (apparent) liveliness of spoken word performances. He is pessoptimist.
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Janaki Challa's Lunch with Cioran (and more)

by Janaki Challa

Janaki Challa is one of the new people who can have lunch with anyone in history or in the future
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New Poems by Grzegorz Wr?blewsk

by Grzegorz Wr?blewski

Translated from the Polish by Agnieszka Pokojska

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Haydn's Head

by Gershon Hepner

An addition to "The Disposition of Body Parts in the Romantic Era," in The Stiffest of the Corpse (City Lights)
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Four New Poems by Pat Nolan

by Pat Nolan

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