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tearing the rag off the bush again
Ginsberg Injection
Nightly Dose of Ginsberg

After 24 years, the video of Allen Ginsberg's legendary appearance at Loyola University New Orleans is now online. The overflow crowd filled up all the aisles and the outside lobby, so he invited audience members to sit on the stage with him. He also did a meditation workshop, and his Collected Poems had just appeared so he spent a whole afternoon signing copies and illustrating each with a drawing. Thanks to Alyce Santoro for helping make this video available. Thanks to Andrei Codrescu for encouraging Allen to come. And above all, we remember with gratitude Allen Ginsberg for his genius and generosity.

Barry Miles and Allen Ginsberg In the Kitchen
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In Allen's kitchen on East 12th Street. I have a great memory of Miles typing at the kitchen table while Allen looked over his shoulder. Great working conditions! I don't know how he did it. Its a heart warming patriotic shot.
A Flower For John Clark
Allen Ginsberg Art
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The End of Beauty
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Conception 2014
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Simon Perchik: New Poems

by Simon Perchik

Simon Perchik, dear to the Corpse since we were born, sends new work!
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Death by Scott Bailey

by Scott Bailey

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Throat Song And Notes

by j.j. phillips

cutting the throat
utting the throat
tting the throat
ting the throat
ing the throat
ng the throat
g the throat
the throat
he throat
e throat
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New Work by Scott Bailey

by Scott Bailey

Scott is looking for a job teaching his art
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Phantom of Love, a story by Dylan Brody

by Dylan Brody

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Dragosh Ziditoru from the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh

by Dragosh Ziditoru

The Romanian poet & resident of London Dragosh Ziditoru reports from Scotland about the graying of poetry readers and the (apparent) liveliness of spoken word performances. He is pessoptimist.
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Two New Romanian Books, reviewed by Peter Thompson

by Peter Thompson

The Romanians, Englished by Adam Sorkin's skilled keyboard, keep taking America by storm. Reviews by Peter Thompson.
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Linguistic Anxiety and the Deconstruction of the Self in the Realm of the Ridiculous by J.J Phillips

by J.J. Phillips

A major work of self-reconstruction by one of America's most elusive and powerful writers.
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DE CUSUT by Paul Tanicui, TO SEW in English by A. Codrescu

by Andrei Codrescu

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Narlan Matos translated by Sally Perret

by Narlan Matos

Translation is, ideally, a buddhist exercise in ego-shedding. Practically, it's ego-boosting from a dead writer. Sometimes it's a mix. And sometimes it's about what it's about. Which in the case of poetry is never the case.

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2012 in the hardlight of Kevin McCaffery's poems

by Kevin McCaffery

...and that's just how it was in 2012, more for some, less for others, or vice-versa, but true every which way
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Lightning Storm Mind: Pre-Ancientist Meditations

by Max Cafard

Heed the Word of Our Ancestor! The Way is obscure, but it is the Way. The Logos is the Way. This Way is obviously obscure and obscurely obvious.

The Naturing of Nature is Lightning Storm Mind.  Awakening Mind has a Lightning Storm Nature. Thus stroke Heraclitus.

Our ...
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Dragosh Ziditoru from the Fringy London Night

by Dragosh Ziditoru

new communiques from the fringe of London's night
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EXTRA! An unknown text by Urmuz! In Search of Urmuz by Florina Kostulias

by Florina Kostulias

Florina Kostulias has been hot on the trail of Urmuz, the Romanian writer considered by many to be the founder of the absurdist strain of 20th century art and literature, a strain that included most of the avantgardes, including the Dada movement and the Theatre of the Absurd. The search for Urmuz,...
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Two Poems by Merilyn Jackson

by Merilyn Jackson

Merilyn Jackson takes no prisoners, but what a heart has she!
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March Hares by Nanos Valaoritis

by Nanos Valaoritis

Our dear friend, Nanos Valaoritis, cherished Greek poet, sent us one of his new poems.
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I Am As You Are Anything by Mark Sargent

by Mark Sargent

We woke up and there it was: poetry!

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Multilegged Milliped by Gershon Hepner

by Gershon Hepner

Gershon Hepner ( ) is America's news poet, author of seventy thousand (you heard right!) poems on the margins of comments of interest to him, culled from our ever-growing media. His wide interests are expressed in extraordinarily thoughtful,...
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Suzanne Jill Levine translates Gabriel Magana Merlo

by Robyn Z. Bell

This review of Mexican poet Gabriel Magana Merlo insists on the translator's art, which is an overdue perspective. The review itself is quite mysterious (or maybe too brief) to let us in on  why a reader of poetry might find a line arrangement "goofy," or how exactly the...
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New poetry from Mark Sargent

by Mark Sargent

Mark Sargent's genius continues to unpeel like an onion in the Corpse!
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Ted's Music by David Berrigan

by David Berrigan

Ted Berrigan's son, David, has all his dad's early music. I (Codrescu, editor) once visited Ted in 1967 at 101 St. Marks' Place in New York City and he played an LP of Kerouac reading. He loved "the music" of Kerouac's phrasing. Years later, Eileen Myles,...
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A poem by Marc Vincenz

by Andrei Codrescu

For the Shadow Council

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